My last-minute Super Bowl food ideas

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With the typical last-minute aplomb I’m famous for in this house, I’ve decided to make some fun Super Bowl-themed food for the Big Game so we can properly cheer on our Patriots while we watch Tom and company kick some Giant butt.

Well, I guess we’re actually having a pre-party for the Super Bowl. You see, we have to start the festivities way before the game because the girls are too young to actually stay up and watch it.

And also? They are hungry at 5pm for dinner. Their tummies won’t wait for a 6:30 kickoff.

And come to think of it, we’ll also have to DVR the game because we’ll have to pause it and put the girls to bed.

And after that, I’m guessing we’ll collapse onto the couches and watch the game on delay as we shovel Doritos in our mouths and have just one beer because if we have more than that we’ll fall asleep and miss the whole thing.

Yeah, we know how to PAR-TAY.

So given all this, it might seem silly that I’m actually going to the effort of making Super Bowl party food. But the food ideas I found on Pinterest were way too cute freakin cute to not try out. And I had all the ingredients on-hand!

And besides, how could we not have fun Super Bowl food when our beloved Patriots are playing in the Big Game, right?

My Last-Minute Super Bowl Party Menu

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Football meatball subs: My family loves meatballs. I was planning on making them anyway. Group a few meatballs, add some “laces,” and voila! Cute idea, huh?





Football grilled cheese: My kids SAY they like meatballs but sometimes they change their minds. Fickle little punks punkins. So I am planning to whip up a couple of these babies. Recipe at






Veggies and dip: Not super exciting or anything, but it’s all in the presentation. I find my kids eat more veggies when they’re set up all fancy looking.




Doritos: Maybe it’s the artificial cheese. Maybe it’s the partially-hydrogenated muck. But they are addictive. And a party isn’t a party in my house without Doritos. What’s better than bright orange mustaches on our faces and bright orange smears on my couches? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing.



From Love and Butter at

Football cake pops:  I have been dying to make cake pops. And what better reason than these adorable babies to try now? The girls will love helping me sculpt these on Sunday morning and I bet half of them will be gone before kickoff. You can get the football cake pop recipe here.

I have already make the cake for the cake pops and found flower-arranging foam to stick the pops in at the dollar store today. So excited to eat these. I mean, make these.




Sam Adams Boston Lager: We live in New England. We’re Pats fans. We have good taste in beer. This is what we’ll be drinking.








Enjoy watching the Super Bowl on Sunday!

P-A-T-S Pats, Pats, Pats! Gooooo Patriots!

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2 Replies to “My last-minute Super Bowl food ideas”

  1. Superbowls now vs Superbowls pre-kids are a whoooooole different ballgame, no? (pun intended)
    I’m Switzerland this year, but we’ll still be watching. I just make sure to have my guac, Tostidos & cheddar cheese. If I could drink right now? There would be Sam Adams. Just saying.

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