Today I Quit My Job.

I'm gonna be just like Tina Fey. Except not as funny. Or rich. But my home office will look like hers.

This morning was all butterflies and nerves. This afternoon was all smiles and freedom.

Since fall of 2010, after two years of being a SAHM and doing some freelancing, I’ve been working part time. It’s been great: two days a week as a copywriter at the company I used to work full-time at. I had a steady job but a freelancer’s salary. I got to be around grownups but also got time with my kids.

It was a sweet gig. Until it wasn’t.

For the last few months it’s been pretty tough. I’ve been on a demanding, stressful project. And to make things harder, I had to work with Mr. Big Ego and his minion, Miss Pain In The Arse. I had to deal with work politics and internal warring and all sorts of crap I was happy to leave behind when I quit in 2008. BLECH.

Finally, finally, the annoying project was over. I had new, non-annoying projects. Things were humming along again.

But something was amiss. I was getting restless. I was losing my creative edge. And I wasn’t happy anymore.

I started to think about striking out on my own. For real, this time. Hubs and I started discussing it in earnest.

But the money. Oh, the money. The cash from my job was so good and steady and tempting. And then…

Then I was suddenly informed by my boss last week that he was getting headcount to hire two full-time people. And he would need the two part-timers’ cubes. So I could stay until they hired another writer. But then I’d need to go back to freelancing.

Now, to the untrained eye, this may look like I was let go.

But in actuality? This is serendipity, baby.

And I grabbed serendipity’s hand and ran with it.

I was damned if I was going to sit around, waiting to be replaced by some full-time whippersnapper. Yeah, I could have milked it for a while and then slunk out when my replacement came.

But for the love of Pete, people. I’ve got pride. And AMBITION.

I was leaving on MY terms.

So today, I told my boss my last office day is Wednesday. I’ll help them out and keep the same workload for them until they find a full-time person, but I’ll be doing it at home so I can also get my bonafide copywriting business rocking.

And I won’t lie: Being a quitter never felt so good.

I left the office today with my boxes of stuff and stepped into the lovely spring weather. The sun was warm on my face. I felt a little shiver of a cool breeze.

Or maybe that was the sweet tingle of anticipation.


Did you ever quit a job and feel energized when you did it? Are you embarking on any new adventures this year, career or otherwise? 

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12 Replies to “Today I Quit My Job.”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I cheered for you through that whole post. Good luck on your new project. You will rock it for sure with that attitude.

    To answer your question, yes. I’ve left jobs and felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. Getting back into the work force full time is looming for me in a year. Once the Magginator is in Kindergarten, I’m going. Who knows though? Chris and I have some things happening right now that may change that.

    We were approached by a publisher to write a novella for 4th and 5th graders. So, that is at the publishers now. We will see what happens. Then, a publishing app asked to publish two of our children’s stories from our podcast into e-books with illustrations. That is currently in the works right now. The books should be available by summer. 😛

    So, those are our new adventures. I can’t wait to follow all the successes of your new chapter! 😛

  2. Congratulations! Onto happier things, which is always good.

    I quit a job once. I had been on the beach with a friend and simply was overwhelmed with how unhappy I was in Boston, in my shitty job, and said “I hate my job”. And she said “Then quit”. So when I got back, I did.
    Then I moved to NJ, within months met my husband, and you know the rest. Happy happy.

  3. You go, lady!

    I quit a job once. Also to go off on my own. The morning after I sat down on the toilet and wondered what the hell I’d just done. Then I cried. On the toilet.

    Best thing I ever did though!

    Good Luck and Enjoy!!

  4. This is AWESOME! I did the same thing in December – just walked away from it all and I’ve been working for myself, at home, making my own rules. It’s awesome. Good luck!

  5. Good for you!!! And to answer your question, YES! About two years ago (or is it three now… I’m losing track), I left my part-time communications position in Corporate America. When I first started working there before I had kids (full time then, of course), I said I’d never leave unless they made me. Well, 9 years and 2 kids later, I had enough. The job was sucking the joy and the confidence out of me. And if mama aint happy, aint nobody happy! So I convinced my hubby to let me quit and start freelancing. Now, looking back on it (or when I meet my old work friends for lunch), I think about that job as having been a jail sentence. Every day, I count my lucky stars that I’m no longer there. So, YAY YOU! So what if things are tight financially… you can’t put a price on happiness!

  6. This is fabulous news, a great new step. So happy for you!

    I’m finally doing the kind of work I always hoped to do, and not only is the work rewarding, but when I’m walking around, I remember that I’m doing something I love, something not everyone can do, and I feel great.


  7. Very happy for you. And perhaps also a little jealous. For various reasons, I have had to stay out of the traditional workforce for several years and am looking forward to getting my feet wet (or at least a little damp) again these days. So … if you ever want to create a little satellite office in New Orleans … 🙂

    (slinks away awkwardly with very blushed face, kinda like Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoons)

  8. I’ve never held a job that I had to leave the house for, but I do know the feeling of quitting something that wasn’t right for me. It was great! Congrats. I’m sure things will only get better from here on.

  9. Several months ago I quit my job to stay at home with my kids. I went back and forth for months before finally pulling the trigger. Looking back, I can’t believe it took me so long to make the break. I still have to pay the bills, so I’m freelancing non stop, but I get to work on my own schedule and play leggos with my kids whenever the mood strikes us.
    You’ll love it–even if there’s a pay cut, you can’t put a price on the quality of life you’ll gain.

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