Guess where I am?

On a tropical beach, in a new gut-flattening swimsuit, with a frosty drink in my hand, while my cabana boy/husband is giving me a massage.

Ok. I’m lying. I’m actually at home, in my jammies, gulping coffee, while my rug rats are demanding various things from me.

But the good news? While I’m in my jammies this morning, and most other mornings, you can find me not only at home, but in the brand-new My Life And Kids Community.

Because the hysterical and lovely Anna somehow deemed little old me as being worthy of leading a community. She said to me, “JD, you are so incredibly talented and funny and smart and insightful. Would you be a Fearless Community Leader in my new community?” *

I humbly accepted.

*The email conversation may or may not have gone exactly like this.

So now I get to hang out with Anna and other funny people like Kim from Let Me Start By Saying, Nicole from Ninja Mom, Kelley from Kelley’s Breakroom, and so many more. (They are community leaders too, but I am the Fearless One. According to me.) And you should join us!

Why should you join the My Life and Kids Community?

  1. It’s better than Twitter because we have more than 140 characters to talk.
  2. It’s better than Facebook because we can have a real, easy-to-follow conversation.
  3. The MLAK Community gives you a place to post questions and get feedback from community leaders and members. Which is especially great if you don’t have a blog to do this in. Or if you do have a blog but your question isn’t totally post-worthy.

Say you have a kid who seems to cry about everything. You would really like some advice. You don’t want to post a big long Facebook status that your mother-in-law can read and criticize. And Twitter doesn’t give you enough space – and even if you do fit your question, people may never see it in their cluttered stream.

In the MLAK Community you can easily post that question and get feedback from like-minded mamas who want to help.

And you can help another mama who is struggling with the Terrible Twos that you just conquered.

And then you can give me Disney World advice. Here’s what my post in the community looks like. It’s titled “1st Disney World trip – what’s your one best tip for a newbie?”


So what are you waiting for? Join the My Life and Kids Community! And if you do it now via the Rafflecopter widget below, you’ll be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card! You can get an extra entry by following me on Facebook and more entries for following other MLAK community leaders – up to 11 entries in all!

I hope to see you in the community. Look for me – I’m the Fearless One.
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