Moms: Here’s what you *really* need in your Frankenstorm survival kit

There are plenty of blogs and news sites out there telling us moms that FRANKENSTORM IS COMING and we must prepare.

Yeah, you need water, food, batteries, flashlights, yadda yadda yadda. A disaster kit with the basic necessities for your family is an excellent idea, of course.

But what about you, mom? How are YOU going to survive days without power, school, and playgroups? How will you make it through being trapped in your home with your kids and your husband? How, in all that is holy, will you manage?

After living through a freak October snowstorm this time last year with two small children, I can tell you what you really need to survive days without power. And these things ain’t on any government preparedness list, so listen up.

1. Tylenol. Lots and lots of Tylenol to dull the pain of your children’s incessant whining.

2. A fully-charged iPhone and/or iPad to commiserate with other moms on Twitter and Facebook.

3. A bottle or five of wine. See #1.

4. Chocolate or sweet treats of your choice. Hide well from the kids.

5. A good set of earplugs to block out the ear-splitting noise of your neighbor’s generator when you are trying to sleep in your freezing-cold house. Also see: whining kids.

6. Red Bull or other energy drink – because you won’t be able to brew coffee (GASP!).

7. Do you still have some of those squeezie stress balls that companies love to give out? They’ll come in handy. Trust me.

8. A steamy novel you’ve been meaning to read when you have to surrender your iPhone to your kids to get them to Just. Be. QUIET. Which leads me to…

9. Protection. So you don’t have an unexpected new family member in nine months. (No heat, remember? Gotta stay warm!)

What would you add to the mom survival kit list?


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13 Replies to “Moms: Here’s what you *really* need in your Frankenstorm survival kit”

  1. We had a terrible October storm about 14 years ago. Power and school were out for a week and Halloween was cancelled because of all the downed trees and power lines. Your list is smart though I would need an extra stash of Lexapro and my son’s meds. And # 9 yes. Ironically that year lots of babies born nine months later. 😉

    1. Tornados scare the beejesus out of me. I was thisclose to being in one when I was in high school. Saw it from miles away, headed our way – and then it veered off in another direction. Scary!

  2. Stuff to keep the kids busy – if it is stuff they don’t know about, it will hold their interest a little longer. And lots of snacks, especially easy-to-eat finger foods.

  3. I knew I should have gotten my IUD out last month! Perfect way to sneak #4 right on in there. I think we’re good on pretty much everything (and know now not to go overboard with the perishable food buying) BUT there’s is always need for more liquor.

  4. I’m totally with you on the wine and earplugs and I think the rest of your list is great. I’d add a fully charged iPad for the kiddos. I’m scared to see my kids without a functioning xbox…

    1. Thank God we still have power right now. It’s Monday at 4:45pm – girls have been watching TV all day to get their fix. I have a feeling they are going to have days of zero electronics. Aaaaand … as I’m writing this, the lights are flickering and TVs went off. GAH!!!

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