7 things that make winter suck a little less

Living through winter in New England tests even the hardiest mama’s patience. By mid-January I am so ready for spring.

But even with global warming (or what my republican friends call “the natural warming cycle of the earth”) the earliest I can hope for spring is the end of March. <insert big, audible, tortured sigh>

And worse, when many of my friends are escaping to warm-weather vacations during February break, I’ll be here. “Staycationing” with my kids who have no school. While Hubs is escaping to his office extra-early every day working hard to bring home the bacon.

Staycation. BAH. More like torturous-week-from-hell-cation. In which my kids have contests to see who can make me snap first, knowing I will give up and feed them ice cream in front of the tee-vee just to give myself 60 30 minutes of relative quiet.

Even if it is quiet that is occasionally pierced by the squeaky voices of British cartoon pigs or a big-headed exploring preschooler. I’ll take what I can get.

BUT. If you’re in the same boat as me, cheer up, mama! I brainstormed a list of things that are actually good about winter. Or at least, things that make winter suck a little less.

Maybe we just need to think positively to get through these next few months, right?

Repeat after me: That wine glass is half full, not half empty!

See? Being positive is easy!

7 things that are actually good about winter. I guess.

No need to shave. Who’s gonna see those hairy legs? NO ONE, that’s who. Not even Hubs sees my legs because he won’t leave the heat on in our room at night. (This is not to torture me, it’s because of the crazy loud baseboard heater in our room that keeps him awake.) Which means no skin shows. At all. Ever.

So in our 59 degree room I don my oh-so-sexy flannel pjs pants, ancient sweatshirt from junior high (yes, really!), fuzzy socks, and dive under the covers. And stay there. With my hairy legs. Which are probably helping to keep me warm.

Big sweaters. Ah, the time of year when wearing a giant article of clothing that covers from neck to knees is acceptable. Even fashionable! God bless the poncho, I say.

No need to diet. See “big sweaters” above. Who’s going to know an extra 5 lbs is hanging around my middle? No one. Diets are for spring. Or never.

No need to take down holiday lights. Too lazy to take down the Christmas lights? No problem! In an especially cold and snowy winter like this one, twinkling lights outside can be considered downright festive. Even in late February. Laziness 1, Ambition 0.

Hats. No need to get those roots touched up. Hell, no need to even wash your hair. Throw on a cute hat and you’re done. And since it’s so freakin’ cold here, no one thinks twice about you wearing your hat everywhere. Like at the mall. Or at Zumba. Whatever. It’s fine.

No bugs. In the warmer months we get ants, millipedes, and worst of all – earwigs. YUCK. Which means I am always sweeping and cleaning the floors in an effort to ward them away. But in winter? No bugs. Which means no less cleaning for my kids me.

Travel coffee mugs. It’s cold. People expect you to be holding a travel mug of coffee all day long. So who’s to know what’s actually in that mug, right? Coffee? Vodka? Wine? It’s anybody’s guess!

See? Winter = lazy personal hygiene, less cleaning, and better stuff in your coffee mug. What’s not to love?

What do you do to make your winter suck a little less?

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15 Replies to “7 things that make winter suck a little less”

  1. I am with ya girlfriend! I just shaved my legs for the first time in like a month and that was some serious hair! But not a single person knew the difference…until I went to workout with capris on. Yikes! Fridays almost here, hang on!

  2. I use to put a little Irish cream in my coffee as I made hot chocolate for the kids after a day playing in the snow. Here in Minnesota, you gotta love it or hate it. I chose to love winter and secretly pray for snow so the cross country trails will be open. I also Love snowboarding! Ever since my son was 9 years old, I drop him at the hill for the day. When gets home, he’s exhausted. Perfect!

  3. LOVED this post. We have pretty cold winters in Chicago too but oddly, barely any snow this year. Lots of rain falling down on brown grass and naked trees. Yuck! Loved the part about the lights. We have a red and white “Christmas mailbox” out front and my neighbor likes to remind that it’s still up in February. Too bad! You see a Christmas decoration that I’m too cold (aka lazy) to put away. I, however, see a mailbox that will collect all my Valentines! It’s multi-tasking. Or something like that. Anyway, I’m a new fan. Thanks for the funnies!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  4. You ought to give people a warning because I wasn’t ready for the funny to begin until I got to the 7 things. Instead I almost choked on my afternoon decaf when I read ” (or what my republican friends call β€œthe natural warming cycle of the earth”)” I hope you’re happy with yourself. πŸ˜€
    As someone who is currently sitting in a huge sweater (I don’t even think you can tell if I *have* a body) with legs unshaven for over a week, I have to say, you make some compelling points. I do feel like the wine glass is half full! πŸ˜€ –Lisa

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