How being a mom is like being on a soap opera

We moms may wear yoga pants all day, every day. Drive minivans whose interiors are coated in Cheerios and raisins. And be lucky if we got to drag a comb through our hair in the morning, let alone shower.

The glamorous aspects of our lives are easy to miss, I admit.

But trust me. Being a mom is actually full of drama, mystery, and intrigue.

In fact, being a mom is strangely just like being in a soap opera.

Think about it:



Someone is always losing her memory at a very convenient time. “Did you use markers on this stuffed doggie to make it a ‘rainbow doggie’?”  “I don’t remember.”

Someone’s always coming back from the dead. Snow White’s head pops off and mommy fixes it. Baby Doll suffers a lethal gash to the abdomen and mommy sews it. A paper doll Fancy Nancy disappears and is presumed dead, but mommy finds it. They all come back. Resurrections galore.

Every day is filled with intrigue. What is that mystery smell in the basement? Who decided to color the rug with crayons? Where, for the love of God, is my kid’s beloved kitty cat that she lost for the third time today?

If there’s a secret to keep, it’s not going to be kept for long by the townsfolk. “Daddy, we made you a present for Father’s Day! But mommy told me not to tell you it’s a mug, so I can’t tell you what it is.”

Anytime two people are about to have sex, the scene gets interrupted. In soaps the interruption is in the form of a commercial, because daytime TV can only show so much. In parenting, the interruption is in the form of your kids. Or the dog. Or the iPhone pinging that you have a text. Not that I would ever look at a text during sex. That would be SO WRONG.

Characters tend to talk to themselves or think out loud. I walk around narrating my day, to the dismay fascination of my captive audience. I do it because it helps me remember what I am walking into a room to get, and not because millions of people want to know if I will, indeed, find the glue gun. But you know. Same difference.

An illicit sibling is eventually discovered. Oh, wait. Is that just me?

Someone gets possessed. Like Marlena in Days of Our Lives, I too, can become possessed. Not by a demon, per say. Unless you consider Pinterest a demon. Which I kind of do, considering its slightly scary grip on me. Piiiiiin meeeeee. Piiiiiin meeeeeeee. Did you just hear that?

There is a crime on a daily basis and everyone denies being the perpetrator. Ah, intrigue again! The crime: spilled maple syrup on the table, chair, and floor. The suspects: my two daughters, who vehemently deny any wrongdoing. Will the threat of no cookies after dinner make one of them snap and confess?

There’s a love triangle. In my house, we have a love triangle, that’s for sure. Me and my two daughters, who fight over whose turn it is for mommy to read, shower them, help them get ready for bed … you name it, I’m in the middle. Surrounded by crazy love.

People disappear from their beds in the middle of the night. And then reappear next to your bed. Looking for a glass of water at 2am.

See? Our days are positively filled with drama and mystery!

How is your life like a soap opera? 


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27 Replies to “How being a mom is like being on a soap opera”

  1. This fantastic. I am now actively going to try to keep this perspective that I’m in a soap opera throughout my day-to-day. Will make things seem so much more glamorous, plus there will always be the hope that some big surprise is lurking around the corner for when I start to get bored 😉

  2. I love this! I have a personal add: The surprise pregnancy leading into the surprise, it's twins! Yeah, that strikes me as soap opera material too. Although the gloomy/cold weather that traps us inside the house turns it more like Walking Dead everyday.

  3. This is a great, great post. I loved it. I can identify with so many of your soap opera moments. I guess we are all living together in one big soap opera setting. Very, very funny. Also, this is my first link-up with your blog so a big thank you. Can’t wait to read more our of your posts.

  4. This is my life too. Fights, fake tears, whining, demands from unruly mini-bosses. I feel like a slave most of the time. 🙂 And I hate dramatic soaps – I never watch them.

  5. Brilliant idea. I often think how dramatic both 3 Year Old and 5 Month Old's reactions are when tragic events like chocolate milk spillage or something not fitting exactly into your mouth take place. You're right, we're in a soap opera where ice cream can cure the most bitter tears.

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