9 (humorous) tips to survive a snowstorm with kids

Before I get to the funny stuff, I want to welcome all you new readers that discovered Honest Mom because of my Scary Mommy post, “Rage: The Scariest Symptom of PPD.” I’m so excited you’re here!

Reading all the comments in the post and on Scary Mommy’s Facebook page made for a very emotional day for me. People thanked me for writing about this terrifying and seldom talked about PPD symptom. Countless women said they no longer feel alone after reading my post, and many said they were picking up the phone and getting help for their depression.

All day, I kept thinking that I wrote this one little blog post, and hundreds of women said they go through the same thing. Imagine how many didn’t comment, but nodded along as they read. And then imagine how many women out there didn’t read that post and are fighting depression on their own, wondering what on earth is wrong with them.

Hundreds of thousands, probably. Maybe millions.

It just made me more determined to keep speaking out, spreading the word, and helping moms everywhere know that they are not alone in this battle. That there is help. And they can and will get better.

“Being a mom means doing hard things. And sometimes the hardest thing is asking for the help you need.”

If you are feeling the symptoms of PPD or depression, don’t be ashamed. There’s NOTHING to be ashamed of. Pick up the phone and call your doctor. You can do hard things, mama. You can and will feel better.

Now let’s do a 180 and have some giggles! God knows that those of us on the East Coast need them this weekend.

9 (funny) Tips to Survive a Snowstorm with Kids

“Nemo” may sound like a cute little fish that just keeps swimming. But this weekend, Nemo is a great big bastard of a beast that is going to just keep snowing here in the Boston area.

You may have heard that some folks west of Boston are going to get 2-3 feet of snow. Guess who’s smack in the middle of that area? Me. Lucky me. And considering the track record of our utilities company, I don’t have high hopes that our power is going to stay on. Good times.

But we are prepared in the Bailey household! Because back when Superstorm Sandy was bearing down on us, I came up with a list of essentials that every mom should have on hand in times like these.

I’m not talking flashlights and batteries, moms. I’m talking about the IMPORTANT stuff:

1. Tylenol. Lots and lots of Tylenol to dull the pain of your children’s incessant whining.

2. A fully-charged iPhone and/or iPad to commiserate with other moms on Twitter and Facebook.

3. A bottle or five of wine. See #1.

4. Chocolate or sweet treats of your choice. Hide well from the kids.

5. A good set of earplugs to block out the ear-splitting noise of your neighbor’s generator when you are trying to sleep in your freezing-cold house. Also see: whining kids.

6. Red Bull or other energy drink – because you won’t be able to brew coffee (GASP!).

7. Do you still have some of those squeezie stress balls that companies love to give out? They’ll come in handy. Trust me.

8. A steamy novel you’ve been meaning to read when you have to surrender your iPhone to your kids to get them to Just. Be. QUIET. Which leads me to…

9. Protection. So you don’t have an unexpected new family member in nine months. (No heat, remember? Gotta stay warm!)

Stay safe everyone, and good luck! Oh, and for those of you in other parts of the country … well, zip it, alright? I don’t want to hear about your beautiful weather. Not today, anyway.  😉

What would you add to the mom snowstorm survival kit list?

PS : Need some (non-steamy) reading for the snowstorm? Check out 50 Ways to Be Positive, a free eBook that I’m in!

I partnered with the b Positive Project, Anna from My Life and Kids and 17 more bloggers to create it (but honestly, Anna did ALL the work). From wrinkles, to depression – from parenting with humor to inspiring our husbands *wink* – this eBook might make you think. It might make you cry. It will definitely make you laugh out loud. Check it out!


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5 Replies to “9 (humorous) tips to survive a snowstorm with kids”

  1. We only have two inches of snow so far, and there have been two time outs, one Mommy freak out, an embarrassing meltdown while Skyping with Grandma, and a sibling fight injury. Time to start drinking. (JK, I started an hour ago.)

  2. OMG I loved these! We are expecting a decent snow storm this weekend (nothing compared to what you guys are getting but the biggest one of the year for us) Instead of the steamy novel to read, I will have my steamy novel to finish writing and the protection isn’t needed because we can’t have anymore kids, but the rest is spot on! Thanks for posting 🙂

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