In which I make goofy confessions for all of Facebook to read.

It all started with an innocent confession as I sat in a chair in my daughter’s room, waiting for her to fall asleep.

Yes, I do that.

And apparently a lot of you do, too. Because when I admitted it on Facebook, 100 people liked it and 28 people chimed in, confessing they did the same thing.

Hmmmm, I thought. We are honest moms, indeed.

So I fessed up to this one:

Hundreds of people admitted to doing the EXACT SAME THING.

Not only that, but I was thrilled to read that many of you also forget your wet laundry in the dryer for days and rewash it because it gets stinky. And re-dry your clothes in the dryer over and over, hoping it’ll get the wrinkles out.

We are a sisterhood of laundry avoiders.

Next, I admitted that I may not always be attending to official business when I’m in the bathroom:

Me too! chorused the masses. I, too, do whatever it takes to get in a game of Words With Friends or play on Facebook for 10 minutes!

But some of you poor mamas have kiddos who won’t let you even tend to your needs in the loo alone. I remember those days.

Now, however, my kids just bang on the door and proclaim they need me RIGHT NOW MAMA because they must have a snack / are dying of thirst / need help with putting on a fairy costume IMMEDIATELY.

And really, unless I hear crying or screaming? I tune them out.

Then, as I was thinking about my oh-so-riveting social life on Saturday night, I threw up a quick question on Facebook:

“Ah, another fabulous, exciting Saturday night, folding laundry before crashing at 9:45pm. Good times, good times. Is anyone’s night as riveting as mine? Or do some of you actually, you know, do stuff and go places?”

Apparently I am not alone. You people are as boring as me. My laundry folding and TV watching was frankly a big wild party compared to some of you. Martinis and Minivans busying herself by chowing down multiple Little Debbie snack cakes. Mrs. HouseTalkN herself was in her jammies by 8pm. And one mom wasn’t even aware it was Saturday.

Today, to round up my series of confessions, I told the Facebook masses about my guilty little secret:

I don’t exactly hurry my way through the grocery store when I get to go alone. I may even dawdle. You, too, huh?

“As refreshing as a trip to the spa,” agreed one mom. And RachRiot loves her grocery getaway, too: “It’s like a little vacay, plus my grocery store plays kick-ass ’80’s music. WIN.”

So many moms, so many confessions, so fun to read. I still can’t get over the fact that I am not the only one who is hopelessly laundry-challenged. THANK GOD I am not alone.

Fess up – do you do these things? What other “bad mom” stuff would you like to confess to?

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18 Replies to “In which I make goofy confessions for all of Facebook to read.”

  1. I love it! I have been very secretive about that fact that I snuggle my daughter to sleep because I know I’ll hear it all about how she should really be put to bed. Whatever. We both know I’m not going to be cuddling her to sleep when she’s 13 so let me just enjoy this warm cozy time now and close your face judgers.

  2. All these comments are making me thankful that I not only have just one child, but that she’s 17 and can take it when I say, “I’m going to Barnes & Noble and you can go as long as you leave me alone. We’ll meet back at the car in two hours. Deal?”

  3. Lol I do all of these!! Especially the last one, except my husband made the mistake of commenting the other Saturday night when I got home from the store, “wasn’t it nice for you to get out of the house?” Poor guy, I kind of felt sorry for him after I was done reading him the riot act.

  4. I am also guilty of forgetting about laundry and using the bathroom as a reading room. Here's the funny thing, my kids are both away at college and I still do this. What's my excuse! Haha

  5. I prefer fake trees, too! But then again… I’ve never had a real tree. Fake ones seem so much eaeisr, and you can keep them for a few years. I’ve already put up my Christmas tree, and some Christmas decorations. My husband is deploying soon, and won’t be here for Christmas, so I thought I’d decorate early.

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