Blog tip Friday: If you don’t like a blog, keep your opinion to yourself.

keep your opinion to yourselfThere has been a lot of noise out there lately about the “right” way to blog.

Some bloggers have made it known that they take issue with other bloggers writing about topics they don’t like, or in a style that doesn’t sit well with them.

This blogger is too crude. That blogger is too silly. This one writes too much fluffy stuff. That one is too damn serious all the time. She writes too many sponsored posts. She blogs sunshine and rainbows and smiling unicorns and it’s sooooo annoying.

To these critics I say: Instead of broadcasting your views on which bloggers you deem “good” and which bloggers you deem “bad,” why not just pick up your mouse and click away from the blogs you don’t like?

It’s perfectly okay not to like a blog. Or even a blogger. But let’s be kind and keep these types of opinions to ourselves, okay?

Every blogger has a right to be herself and write in her own style. There is room on the big old Internet for all kinds of bloggers – just as there is room in this big old world for all kinds of moms.

Life is very stressful for most moms, whether they are pinching pennies or well-off. Working or not working. Have one kid or five kids. In the blogging world, many women cope with the stress by writing about it.

And every blogger has a right to write about her stressors in a way that helps relieve her of the stress – and connect with others who feel the same way.

So if you are not fond of a particular blogger’s style? Then don’t read that blog. Move along.

Now if you think someone’s done an injustice on their blog and is hurting someone by what they posted, I urge you to speak up! The power of the Internet to do good is very real. I’m a big believer in that. Obviously.

But let’s not tear each other down for our differing writing topics and styles. That stuff is not worth broadcasting to the reading public. It makes us women bloggers look small and petty.

Let’s turn away from the meanness and build each other up. Let’s support the blogs we love and let the ones that aren’t our style do their own things for their own fans. Let’s co-exist and celebrate the diversity of the blogging community instead of griping about it.

Let’s high-five the fact that there’s room for everyone’s voice.

Because that’s something to make some noise about.

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28 Replies to “Blog tip Friday: If you don’t like a blog, keep your opinion to yourself.”

  1. Right on!! And, I LOVED your other post. Thank you for writing what is so true: we do need to build each other up and respect/celebrate our diversity!!

  2. Bingo, JD! If I don’t like someone’s message or style, I stop reading. If something doesn’t sit well with me, I tell my husband. Does he listen to me? Rarely. But that’s another issue. I have a slew of kids. And I am constantly asking them to be kind to others…to be careful on the internet…to remember that once something is out there, it’s out there for good. If I can’t be an example of that for them, then I’m just a big old hypocrite. Anyway, well done. Happy weekend! XO

  3. I think that was put very well! I thank you because I needed to hear this today. I am a firm believer that if you don’t like something like a show or radio program then change the channel. Hope you all have a great day!

  4. Just had a week of witnessing this behavior and I’m tired of it as well. Couldn’t agree with you more and thank you for so eloquently stating what should be just human kindness and politeness. Perhaps the word RESPECT could even be tossed around. I think you are one of a kind and stand up for the good, the weak and those not able to speak out for themselves. You are amazing and I wanted to thank you for that. That is all. Good day.

  5. It's like TV – there's a million choices, if u don't like it then turn the channel! Seriously kills me that people feel the need to post mean cruel things. Just stop reading and move on!

  6. I've not come across anything like this in my tenure as a blogger. It's probably for the best because I have this obnoxious habit of defending people who are unjustly wronged and it really spikes my blood pressure to see people being mean for no reason. 😉

  7. I love this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve obsessed about a post or gone for weeks without writing because my anxiety got wrapped up in whether or not a post was going to get a good response or if I was blogging the “right way.” Thanks for the reminder and the support : )

  8. Cheers to that! Thanks for getting that message out there- true, wise, words. We need more support and less judgment- in both the motherhood and blogging communities, in my opinion.

  9. This is sooo true! I hate when people direct negativity towards bloggers, I hate reading mean comments after a post- If you don’t like it then you are right just don’t follow it!

  10. While I saw this post come through on Friday- I hadn’t had a chance to stand up and give you the slow clap as of yet. So here it is Monday and I’m able to comment- I braced myself to wade through the 150 replies and.. um… where are they? They should be here. Unless they’re sitting in your que waiting for you to give the approval… Personally I think that is kind of speaks volumes that this wasn’t the most viral post last week- I hope that it was read, digested and taken to heart. Far too much slamming going on. And you got it- click away girlfriend. Don’t do a disservice to this ‘community’ by ripping someone else apart- because in the end it reflects much more poorly on you than it does on them.

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    I totally agree with you. I appreciate your thoughts.
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