A Fun and Easy Alphabet Photo Craft for Preschoolers

spon postSometimes, I can be a little creative. I used to be an arts-and-crafts camp counselor, so boondoggles, tye-dyes, and rock painting are in my blood.

I may not be the kind of mom who likes to “play pretend” and be the Big Bad Witch to my girls’ Pretty Pretty Princesses, but I can whip up a pretty kickin’ craft and keep the girlies happy for a while.

Since Grace is going into her last year of preschool, she is all about learning letters and trying to “read.” So I had an idea to do a fun little alphabet photo project with her – but I haven’t been able to because my home printer was a piece of crap.

It kept running out of ink practically instantaneously. And in the photos it printed, we all looked like we belonged in Twilight’s Cullen vampire clan. Blech.

Happily, I received a new HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer, courtesy of Staples, and this week I finally I got to work on our little scavenger hunt photo project!

Fun and simple preschool alphabet photo craft

Grace and I only created her first name so far, but we are going to make the entire alphabet this way because she loved this activity so much. She has a 4 x 6 photo book that has pictures of her family and friends in it, and we’re going to put all the alphabet pics in it, too.

I tried to make this activity a nature craft, but we couldn’t find anything outside that began with “C” or “E.” Oh well. The idea is you find an item that begins with the same letter as your kid’s name. So we made the letter “G” out of grass, the letter “R” out of rocks, and so on.

Grace had a ball running around the yard and trying to find stuff that began with the letter we were working on. This craft reinforced alphabet sounds (“What do you see that begins with the letter “G”?) and letter formation – and gave Grace and I some nice bonding time.

After we found the items and formed the letters on construction paper, Grace and I took pictures of the letters, uploaded them to my computer, and printed them out on my brand spankin’ new printer.

The printer was wicked easy to set up. I just plugged it in and followed the touch screen instructions right on the printer. Loaded the software onto my computer and voila – done.

I printed a grocery list in black and white (yes, I keep a grocery list template on the computer – easy for Hubs to check off the little boxes for what we need and YES I’M A GEEK) to test the printer, and holy quickness – that list popped out easy peasy and ready to go.

And the picture quality – wow! The grass in the letter “G” is so crisp and clear, I can see the little grass seed heads. Ahem. Apparently we need to mow the lawn.

While we were outside doing this activity, I snapped some pictures of my gardens and printed them out and the colors came out beautifully! The greens, blues, and yellows in the woodland garden are well-defined and the bright colors in the flowers pop.

woodland and perennial gardens

My only complaint? The printer makes a good deal of noise. Lots of whirring that startled me at first. But that’s okay – gorgeous pictures are mine once again!

Now that we once again have printing capabilities, Gracie and I can continue to run around outside and through the house, collecting items for the rest of the alphabet. “N” – (pine tree) needles. “O” – Oreos. “P” – paperclips. “Q” – um … hmmmm … “Q”?

I’ll get back to you on that one.


There is a lot to love about the HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer, and it really is fabulous for home printing. What do I particularly love?

              • I can keep both photo paper and 8.5 x 11 paper in the printer, and the printer knows which one to select (I hated having to constantly swap out different-sized papers in my old printer)
              • The printer is great looking (see it here)
              • It prints wirelessly and you can print from your phone or iPad, too
              • You can print and copy on both sides of a single page
              • The scanner function allows you to scan work to your computer or email – I scan for work a lot, and find this super handy

This HP Photosmart 6520 is officially Honest Mom approved and recommended.

Thank you to Staples for providing me with this printer to review and keep. I always give my honest opinion on my reviews – my name is Honest Mom, after all. See my disclosure policy here.

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