Bikinis for Little Girls: Yay or Nay?

should young girls wear bikinisI’ve seen some cringe-worthy stuff at the beach this year. Old men in too-tight swim trunks. Teenagers engaged in very obvious, very sweaty PDA. And then there’s the remnants of a long summer’s day in a odorous public beach bathroom.

I’ll give you time to shudder at that last one.

I think the old men in inappropriate swim trunks bother everybody because no one wants to see that. But it’s the other end of the spectrum that people have differing – and strong – opinions about: young girls in teeny bikinis.

Right now my girls are ages 4 and 7, and neither wants to wear a bikini. They both picked out cute Lands’ End skirted swimsuits and they love twirling around in them. Annie says bikinis are annoying because she’s nervous the suit would move around and expose her. She’s just beginning to get a little modest about showing her body so I get her concerns.

And honestly? I’m glad. Because I see girls her age and younger in teeny bikinis and it strikes me as a little weird. They look like little grownups – but they’re not. They’re children. And I think their bathing suits should reflect that.

And I get really icked out when I see tweens walking around in very small, very grown-up bikinis – and older boys and men checking them out.

So I started thinking about it – WHY is this bothering me so much? Why is my mom-radar going off when I see young girls in small bikinis? Why do I want to cover them up with a towel? And when it comes down to it, it’s because of my own experience with bikinis.

I wore a bikini (starting when I was 15) to show off my cute little body. To get tan. To meet boys. To feel pretty and attractive. To me, that’s what a bikini is for. And I have no problem with this for older high-school girls who have confidence in their bodies and themselves – and understand their value is more than a cute body.

But I do have a problem with small bathing suits on small kids. Because the fact is, we live in a world where girls are inundated with marketing messages about what being attractive and awesome is. And too often, attractive and awesome = sexy. Which my little girls cannot possibly understand.

I don’t want my kids portraying something they don’t understand. I want them to understand their value and self-worth and why all their awesomeness has nothing to do with whether or not they can rock a bikini.

And when I see they do understand this and they are of a certain age? They can wear bikinis.

But until then, it’s Lands’ End skirted suits and tankinis all the way.

How do you feel about little girls wearing small swimsuits? What about tweens? What’s your stance?

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73 Replies to “Bikinis for Little Girls: Yay or Nay?”

  1. I understand both ways. I have been surprised this summer at all the young girls wearing bikinis. I never did, but then again, I never had much confidence. As far as tiny girls, which I don’t have any, I don’t like to see them in bikinis. I’m sure it’s easier to go potty (so wear a tankini), but I agree with all the paranoia about pedophiles. Also as a mom of some very fair skinned blonde boys, we always wear swim shirts. I’m so scared of them getting burned.

    1. I just think its up to the individual parents and the kids too . If my daughters wants to wear a bikini I would let her I would just get her as modest of one as I could find. I am a single parent I date and my Girl Friends have varying opinions on the matter, by girl friends I mean that my female friends and the one I am dating too. I know there are weirdo persons out in the world both male & female, but I keep an eye on my girls closely. Once they are teens they can wear what they choose, till then I choose. Thank You !

  2. I don’t have girls, but I think AGE APPROPRIATE bikinis are cute on little girls. I don’t appreciate the ones that look like they should be on an older person. I find it more appalling to see the teenagers wearing bikinis that you can see WAY TOO much! Where are these girl’s parents when they are shopping?

  3. I think I'm more a fan of the tankini, I think you get the best of both worlds. My daughter had a one piece but when it comes time to change a diaper the thing is impossible to take off. Since holding her upside down and shaking till she pops free makes me look bad in front of the other parents I'm now a fan of the two piece suit.

    1. Hahahahaha!! I love that your concern is that shaking your daughter upside down makes you look bad in front of the other parents, not that your daughter would freak out or anything. Too funny. And as a mom of three little girls, all currently under three, I say keep the bikinis far away as long as possible. I don’t want my little pumpkins exposed in any way – to gross strangers, the sun, whatever. I mean, they don’t wear burkas to go swimming or anything, but they dress like sweet little girls, not sexy women.

  4. No, No, and No. Bikinis should not be worn by children. I am referring to the skimpy versions that look just like a woman’e style. I think two piece bathing suits are adorable for children as long as they look like children’s bathing suits. Both my girls wear a two piece but the suits do not scream sexy at all. There is no way I, or my husband, would let our girls wear some of the crap I see in stores today sized under 5T. It’s ridiculous.

  5. I don’t like skimpy bikinis on little girls. The two-piece tankinis that look more like a one piece aren’t so bad, they look comfortable and probably a lot easier to get off as a toddler rushes to the bathroom to go potty, so those actually seem sort of useful in their own weird way. But teeny bikinis, honestly I don’t like them for anyone who is actually swimming in the water, they’re barely even functionable in the water.

    I’m lucky in that I have all boys and their swimwear choices are pretty limited. This year and last year they actually all wore more than they were legally required to wear, they opted for swim trunks AND swim/surf shirts to further avoid sunburn. I secretly rejoiced a little.

    I do have nieces and I like to shop for them from time to time, and I have to say that the little girls department of a clothing store is a really scary place. So many of the clothes seem totally inappropriate for any girl of any age to be wearing in public… I don’t think of myself as a prude in any way, but damn shopping for little girls is really hard.

  6. I am with you entirely on this one. I am even against spaghetti strapped tanked tops and for leggings or shorts under their skirts. I have a hard enough time counteracting the adults in our lives who place a strong emphasis on being pretty when they speak to my girls. I don’t need bikinis, or make-up, or high heels getting in the way of me teaching them that their insides not their outsides is what needs developing.

  7. My daughter wears tankinis, tops and swim skirts. They make bathroom trips very easy and look really cute, plus they are comfortable to play in and out of the water in. I am not a fan of tiny bikini’s for little girls. And I really have a problem with sexy swimsuits, one or two pieces for young girls. As always I enjoy your post and the conversation it sparks!!!

  8. Bikinis on little girls really don't bother me except for the sun exposure factor (I am hoping to put my own in rashguard tops and bikini bottoms when the time comes). But I think it comes down to the bikini itself. Triangle top, strings, etc. No. Athletic-looking and modest? Why not? It affords little girls a lot of freedom of movement if it fits well and doesn't threaten to expose them. I feel the same way about teenage girls — they don't bother me if they are appropriate, but the ones that don't do much more than put bandaids over their tops and bottoms are not okay.

  9. There are so many levels I can speak to, but most have probably been covered here.

    1) Sun exposure: At age 42 my first skin cancer was diagnosed from the sunburns I had as a child. Young skin is tender and much more susceptible to damage than mature skin.
    2) Perverts: enough said.
    3) Body image: tying a girl’s value to her physical appearance. Also enough said.

  10. I grew up in South Florida and wore bikinis all the time. But that was about 35+ years ago when little girl bikinis looked like bikinis for children, not mini sex pots and children were not nearly as sexualized as they are today. I vividly remember my first “grown up” bikini, which I got when I was a sophomore in college and was incredibly expensive considering that there was almost nothing to it. I have the same reaction JD does when seeing little girls, 6 and 7 , 8 … , in what look like grownup bikinis. And my instant reaction is to want to put them in swim shirts and board shorts that come to their knees. For girls who complain that two pieces are easier for using the restroom at the beach or pool, I’d point them toward the tankini racks. Two pieces, lots of coverage.

  11. I only let my daughter wear one piece suits or a two-piece with a rashguard top. We go to the pool a lot, and I can’t believe some of the skimpy little bikinis I see at the kiddie pool. I have to say, though, that most of the teenage girls I see there wear age-appropriate suits. I wish I could say the same for some of the other young moms, who seem to think thong bottoms and too-small triangke tops are a good look.

  12. I got a bikini for my three-year-old daughter because her preschool has water play on Fridays, and they specifically asked for two-piece swimsuits so that diaper changes would be quicker and easier. Having started this now, I have no idea how to stop her from wearing them when she’s older. I’ll come up with something though. I think that very young girls and older teenagers can wear bikinis, but elementary school girls and young teenagers (until 17 or 18) should wear one-piece swimsuits.

  13. I get major chills from little girls dolled up to look like GROWN girls, icky. I DO love a 2-piece suit, though, so much easier for potty breaks, changing swim diapers, etc. but it’s hard not to find anything that isn’t BIKINI. Lately I have been shopping the resale shops for those swim-suit material SHIRTS, they don’t always come with a matching bottom at resale shops, so then I buy whatever 2-piece I can find and match the bottoms the best I can to the swimsuit shirt. The ones my sister found at Sam’s Club I think even have an SPF rating. My kids DO have farmer tans a little bit, so the shirts obviously work better than the waterproof sunscreen I’m putting on them.

  14. For me, it’s really all about the swimsuit. I’m not a fan of teeny-tiny anything, but I haven’t sworn off all bikinis. Some are actually cute and have skirted bottoms and full coverage tops. Having said that, it’s not what I see a lot of at the pool. Most are too small. I think young girls need more moms to actively participate in their daughter’s clothing choices.

    For what it’s worth, that’s my opinion.

  15. This is so hard! I bought an adorable rumba butt bikini at gymboree for my daughter when she was six months old. I loved her chubby little Buddha belly popping out. Now that she's eight, and choosing her own clothes, I allow tankini's but even that sometimes makes me uncomfortable. For now, if she's comfortable in the suit I'm happy, I have a feeling in a year or two she's going to ask for a bikini and we'll have to talk about things don't want to talk about or face with her.

  16. I agree with you. It’s uncomfortable to see little girls in bikinis. Maybe that’s because I equate bikinis with sexuality, after all, I didn’t even think about buying a bikini until I was a teenager and wanted to show off my body. I think it’s similar to seeing young girls wearing short-shorts & skirts that barely cover their butts. I’m keeping my daughter in a Hello Kitty 1-piece until she moves out.

  17. I just have little boys so my main shopping concern is finding swim trunks fit well at the waist so they don’t end up showing their tushies at the pool.

    When I was growing up, I really don’t even remember SEEING two piece bathing suits for little girls- I don’t remember them being an option for me.

    We just came from the pool and I saw two sisters who had on matching string bikinis- oldest was maybe 4. And they kept sliding all over the place. Another little girl had on a really cute suit that was a two piece, but more of like a sports bra type cut with swimming shorts. I didn’t have a problem with that one- just the ones that were ill-fitting and looked like they’d fall off.

    1. “And they kept sliding all over the place.”
      This was also a concern of mine. I often see little baby girls in triangle string bikini tops at the pool and it is just ridiculous since there is nothing there. How can we expect the triangles to stay in place when there are no breasts to hold them in place?
      Then they are running around with their bikini tops sliding up to their neck. It just looks so uncomfortable.

  18. I totally agree. If younger girls are going to wear bikinis then they should get modest bikinis. The high-wasted bikini bottoms are coming back in style, so those seem like a good alternative to skimpy and sexy. At least until they’re in high school.

    I’ve always worn a bikini just because I didn’t thin one-pieces were comfortable, but I never got anything skimpy because there are creep-o’s in the world today and they aren’t going anywhere. I’m glad your girls are already being modest at a young age, someone’s parenting right : )

  19. Oh! You hit the nail on the head. I have a 13 year old stepdaughter who still likes to keep it modest, but she’s flirting with new concepts like strapless and other stuff. I think the only way we (as mothers) can keep ourselves sane is by modeling the behavior we want to see in our daughters. It is SO HARD. But as the “sexploitation” of young girls gets worse in our society, we need to stand our ground. Keep their self confidence soaring without having to validate wearing skimpier clothes. So I say no to the bikinis for girls. It just isn’t necessary.

  20. My 8yo has worn a bikini for as long as I can remember. When she was really tiny it was for ease of changing her, then as she got to be older it was because she is so skinny and long that 1 piece suits that would fit in her length were always gaping everywhere else.

    I have bikini rules though – the top must be one solid piece of fabric, there are no V's or skinny straps. The bottoms must completely cover. We shop almost exclusively at Lands End for her suits and I find them modest and age appropriate. She wears Tankini's a lot too, but because she is so skinny she can wore a size 5 tankini this summer and it now just looks like a bikini. Oh and she loves the swim skirts with a rash guard.

    So I guess I am saying that sometimes you don't have a choice but there is an option about picking out the most modest ones available.

  21. Yes.I love this piece. I also have had such strong feelings about it but was unsure about the motivation behind my opinion. This hits it dead on. I want my little girls (5 and 6) to stay little girls while they still are little girls.

  22. This is a tough one for me. I have three daughters ages 11, 8, & 6. I have some very deep issues with my own self-image when it comes to appearance. (too long to explain in a comment box). And I do not ever want my daughters to be ashamed of their bodies the way I tend to be. HOWEVER, I also want them to dress appropriately and not overexpose themselves. Truthfully, that is a very fine line to walk. My oldest does wear bikinis because a lot of her friends do and because the finds them comfortable. I closely monitor which bikinis she is allowed to wear, though, and make sure they cover enough – no super skimpy string bikinis. Again, it’s a fine line and I hope I am balancing it well!

  23. I couldn’t agree more. There is absolutely no reason for young girls to ‘show off their bodies’ by wearing itty-bitty bikinis. I don’t like them on high school girls either, but I’m super conservative. I don’t think they need one in order to fit in or to get boys to like them either. I am all for the tankinis, especially having a potty trained toddler!

  24. I am not a fan of babies or girls in skimpy bikinis. It makes me sad when I’m out shopping and her a little girl voice coo, “Oh, Mommy, I like this one. It’s so sexy!” Even worse is when mom agrees! Little girls are supposed to be cute, not sexy. 🙁

  25. I have two daughters aged 3 and 7 and neither wear teeny bikinies…if they want a two piece, I like the tank top style, very cute and still modest. I know I won’t be able to control their clothing choices forever, so I will while I can 😉

  26. I agree that bikinis create an image that we don’t necessarily want to associate with children, and even tween.s Only a woman who is confident about herself and not prone to peer pressure can really carry it off.

  27. I see Teagan facing the same skinny challenges in swimwear. She finally outgrew her 6 and 12 months suits this summer. She's three. Long torso children with no hips are hard to dress. She is still wearing 6 month shorts on a regular basis. I'm all for modesty though, I don't see why proximity to water should forego age appropriateness.

  28. My three year old has two Landsend ones this year. Rashguards that give as much coverage as her brothers get and one swim short and one swim skirt. Love them for the sun coverage. I have seen lots of older girls in really skimpy suits. Not looking forward to having to determine what she'll wear as she gets older.

  29. Bikinis for little girls are creepy. I wouldn’t let my child wear one for all of the reasons that you discussed. That said, I do have friends who do, and that’s fine by me.

  30. No. Just no. I think it's gross. Exactly what you said, they look grown up, but they're not. (No offense, Alyson, I can understand your plight).

    Sometimes I am so glad to have two boys. This is one of those moments.

  31. I really think it depends on the bikini. I’ve seen some that I think are just fine for little girls, but they have a lot of coverage. Personally, I’ve owned a bikini–other than a workout-style suit for training–twice, and one of those times was when I was eight. I don’t really remember it, but I can guarantee that my mother would not have let me own it if there had been any chance of exposure.

    Baguette wears tankinis because (as others have mentioned) it’s easier to handle diaper changes that way, and also because she prefers them. There’s no point in taking her to the pool or the beach if she’s going to have a meltdown about her suit.

  32. A two piece for a little girl is fine, but skimpy is not. My daughter is almost 15 and is not comfortable in a two piece, so it’s not an issue for us. But it is weird to see girls I have know since they were 5 strutting around in skimpy bikinis now that they are teens. I want to cover my 12 year old son’s eyes!

  33. I haven’t had a chance to read all of the comments yet, but wanted to share my own opinion. I do not put my daughter in bikini’s but not really because I see something horribly wrong with them, more so because she burns very easily. That being said I think a lot of people focus on body image when arguing against bikinis, how is allowing them to wear a bikini going to give them a negative body image? I would think it would actually build confidence and hopefully a child that is not afraid in her own skin, as opposed to little girls with eating disorders. It’s not really the bikini that is the problem, it is the way people react to bikinis and especially on little girls. Yes there are perverts in the world, but most of them do not care if your 6 year old is wearing a bikini or sweats, most do it for control, not for looks. There are countries where little girls go topless and no one is seen gawking at them, again this is because in America specifically we are taught that bikini’s=sexy, or slutty.

  34. I like “bikinis” for ease of potty breaks and getting them on and off but like others have posted ours are more of shorts with rash guards or tankinis. I really don’t know why a 4 year old would need a triangle top string bikini. For me that is just not appropriate. Probably because, like you, I think of those kind of bikinis as being sexual, not functional so my 4 year old has no need for that right now.

  35. I had my 2 year old in an Old Navy Bikini in the summer of 2004. Looking back, you all would have been cringing. It was zebra print, triangle top. I put shorts over the bottom. I thought it was cute at the time. I really didn’t think about it sexually at all. It just never crossed my mind. Young and dumb, I guess.

  36. You know, I grew up in Hawaii in the 70s and 80s, and everyone wore a bikini then. It really was like that. Free. But it was a different time (and I'm gagging at myself that I just said that, but it was! There were no tabloid celebrity babies and toddlers, no tiaras, none of it). So now, at first glance, when I see a little girl (like, younger than 12) with a bikini, it doesn't bother me. BUT. Now that I am a mom, of a boy though, a 4 year old boy who is actually starting to look at girls and notice them and say so and so is pretty to me, like, I might be changing my mind. I don't know yet.

  37. Right now both my girls are in one-piece suits. India is very conservative about clothing, including swimwear. Locally-made women’s swimsuits often go down to the knees and have a long skirt. Some even cover the arms.
    They have never seen any other kind of swimwear so I have yet to be concerned about them dressing skimpy.

  38. I think on very little kids (maybe 3 and under), it can be cute, but not practical or necessary. It hasn’t yet veered into sexy/inappropriate. But once they enter the tween years when their body’s start gaining a maturity that their brains can’t match? Inappropriate. My niece was wearing pretty mature bikinis at age 11. She already had the curves. At the beach she was enthralled that a college guy wanted to talk to her. She was 11!

    1. This is pretty much how I thought, too…..on a baby, it doesn’t really bother me, because we let them run around in just a diaper and nobody bats an eye.

    2. The women in my family are much like your niece: early bloomers. At 11 I was skinny as a rail with C-cups. The same could be said of my birth mother, and of her mother. I think back to the summer I turned 12, when a grown man at a carnival tried to hit on me (and I was dressed appropriately for my age). It was terrifying and confusing as a child to have someone my father’s age attempting to pick me up. Now I look at my daughter and I fear for her. Childhood is fleeting. And it can be so much more difficult to stay a child when your body matures faster than your mind.

  39. Bikinis on little ones never bothered me. It’s when they start developing that it becomes more problematic in my opinion. My daughter is 12 & thankfully she doesn’t want to wear bikinis. She prefers tankinis. But her cousin who is the same age wore the skimpiest bikini to the beach & I didn’t think it was appropriate for a kid who is still a kid to be wearing a skimpy string bikini that an older woman might wear. The problem is that all clothes for kids are becoming skimpier & skimpier & sexier & sexier. It’s actually hard to find clothes that are modest & cover what they are supposed to cover. It’s sad.

  40. We struggle with this as well, Moo is so long that one-piece suits that fit her well are tough to find. But she’s so tall that I worry she looks too “old” in a bikini, but they are much more comfortable for her. It’s difficult to find almost any age-appropriate clothing in the girls departments and swimsuits are the worst! I do try to steer her towards tankinis but I have let her get a few bikinis in the past couple of years. I do put limitations on them, like no bikinis at camp (they’re too active for them anyway) and they are not allowed to wear them when they go swimming at school, so I feel like I have some “back-up” there too.

  41. Not to mention the pedophile pervs that would be looking. Parents need to protect their children from this type of fashion.

  42. I’ve really struggled with this. My daughter, now 7, wanted a bikini for a long time. She’s a little on the heavy side, and I’ve always bough her two piece bathing suits that are shorts and shirts because they are practical for sun protection, going potty, and keeping her body out of sight of stalking eyes. Her preschool took the to public, urban fountains to play in the water several times a week, so I wanted to keep her protected, in all senses of the word.
    But she really wanted a bikini.

    I didn’t want her to feel ashamed of her body, but I was afraid she would get teased because she doesn’t have a so-called bikini body. She also has no sense of what a bikini body is supposed to look like, so I decided to let her get a bikini. I didn’t want it to be forbidden fruit, or to become a power struggle.

    It’s a hard issue.

  43. I vote for no sexualizing clothes for little girls at all!!! I bought a spagetti strap romper at the Gap earlier this summer and the shorts were basically underwear. I got rid of it! My 3 year old doesn’t need to show that much skin. I want my daughter to feel comfortable and confident in herself, not her body and how people look at her. Baby bikinis make me cringe (tankinis are a whole different type of suit IMO).

  44. I’ve always felt very strongly about the clothes available to little girls, even before I had a daughter. A few years ago, while out shopping with a friend for a swimsuit for my son, I remember saying I’d never buy a baby bikini and she told me, “just you wait, when you have a little girl you’ll be thankful for those teeny baby bikinis during diaper changes.”
    Well its several years after the fact and I’ve had my daughter for two “swim suit seasons” and, to my friend’s dismay, I have stood by my stance on little girl’s clothing. Especially baby bikinis.
    My rules are simple:
    1- no ruffles, words, pictures that draw attention to my baby’s butt
    2- no dramatic v-necks or anything that is made to draw attention to her (at the moment non-existent) breasts
    If I can’t find something that adheres to those rules in the girl’s section then I have no problem shopping on the boy’s side of the store. In fact, I have let my daughter go swimming topless wearing boy’s swim trunks because I preferred that over the triangle bikini tops I found at the store.
    To me it is not about the amount of skin being shown, it is about the sexualized nature of the skin being shown.
    As she gets older I suspect that I will continue to be a fan of “surf suits” (the two piece swim suits for both genders which come with shorts on bottom and a t-shirt for sun protection on top) and I *might* allow tankinis if the style is age appropriate.
    When she gets to highschool and can afford to purchase a bikini with her own money, I will support her doing so. Teens on the brink of adulthood need to practice self expression and learn sexual confidence in the safety of their parent’s home. Small children on the other hand should be allowed to remain small children. Growing up is hard enough without the stress of looking good in a bikini or the confusion of being stared at by grown men for what they are wearing.

  45. It’s funny, because as a child starting at about age 8 or 9 I stopped wearing bikinis and moved to exclusively one-pieces. I am fairly conservative with my choice of dress for my kids and myself, modesty all the way, so when my daughter received a two piece as a gift, I didn’t know what to think. At first she wasn’t interested in wearing it. Then, she started wearing it this summer, and while I inwardly groaned at what other moms might think, I couldn’t help but feel my daughters little mermaid two piece with a tube top look on the top was cute on her, and she looked like a little girl, and not a pre-woman. There was nothing sexy about it. So… I guess it’s a question of when and how you draw that line. When she starts getting her curves and boobs… it will ALL be covered up… but right now she is young and is not insecure about her body and doesn’t really see herself as a sexual person, and I wish no one else did either. I’m not going to make it an issue, and I hope no one else I know does either…

  46. My toddlers always wear 2-piece suits for potty break ease. However, we like rash guard plus full-coverage bottoms. Best of all worlds.

  47. Yep – totally on the same page as you. I have 3 little girls and while two pieces are wonderfully convenient (especially now that I’m potty training the twins), I make sure the top half is a tank, or even a swim shirt. One of my girls is so skinny and gets so cold so fast, she wears a long-sleeve swim shirt just so her lips don’t turn blue in 80 degree weather!
    NOT looking forward to the bikini brawls we might have some day – but I hope to instill in them a sense of value that they will say no to the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis before I have to.

  48. I don’t see too much wrong with a little girl wearing a modest bikini like the sports bra top and full coverage bottoms, but strings are definitely NOT for children. I have a friend with a 6 year-old girl who has walked out the front door in just her panties and her mom has had several talks with her about putting clothes on before coming out on the porch with us and I have also talked to her myself to reiterate and reinforce what her mom has said. We talk to her about strangers and bad people. For me, I worry about pedophiles that may be in the area because she is an adorable little girl and even though I’m not really her aunt, I am just as protective as one. I was watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and one of the women was shopping for vacation clothing and bathing suits with her 6 year-old daughter and they bought her a bikini that looked like a mini version of what an older girl (high school age) would wear. It was a triangle top with strings and a bikini-cut bottom (which is just slightly less modest than full coverage). It sickens me, but then again, that’s Beverly Hills (and all of Los Angeles for you). Parents really should not approve this kind of stuff for their young ones because it just sexualities them and puts them on display for all the pedophiles out there……..sorry, not sorry!

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