Honest Reviews

I’m always on the lookout for fun stuff to do with my girls. But the thing is, my girls aren’t always the easiest to bring places.

And when it comes to anything kid-related – toys, rooms, clothes, etc. – Annie and Gracie can be pretty picky.

We’re not the types who can spontaneously pack a picnic, drive into Boston, go see the Swan Boats, wander around the Freedom Trail, get ice cream, and drive back home while the kids sleep peacefully in the back seat.

I can’t just go out and buy some bedding for my preschooler and know she’ll be happy with whatever. The girl has OPINIONS.

And I know there more of you out there like me.

So as I go on adventures and try new products with my not-all-that-easygoing kids, I’ll blog about it and give you the REAL lowdown. The HONEST lowdown.

Doesn’t matter if I was given free tickets or complimentary toys. If I’m going to write about it, I’m going to be honest about it.

Was the place *really* kid-friendly? Did it have food my kids would actually eat? Was the experience worth the hassle that it inevitably took to get there?

Was the toy or product easy to use? Did my picky-pants girls love it? Or were they “meh” about it?

These are the kinds of things I think parents like me want to know: Was the experience or product really worth it?

I’ll let you know. Honestly.

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4 Replies to “Honest Reviews”

  1. Hey I didn’t realize we are neighbors. If you make it to the cape this summer, let me know. I would love to meet you!!

  2. I saw you on Katie's show today and you did great! People need to understand what it is like for those of us that have depression. I was once an alcoholic and received a miracle of sobriety from God above. Then for 4 years after work I would feed the homeless (so I went from a bad addiction to a good addiction) I would pick up from 0 to 6 starbucks pastries they would throw out at night to give to my friends, go around and pick up donations (yes many thought I was their salvation army driver) and then go to Walmart to pick up bread, bologna, salami, mayo hot chocolate and cup of soups and cookies if I could afford all these things. I would go to Starbucks and pick up hot water for the soups and then go downtown and make sandwiches with my friends without homes and we would make 55 to 77 sandwiches a night. I know God gave me the energy to do this. I would come home eat a burrito and go to sleep. After being laid off work July 2009 I was hearing things and seeing things (God told me my visions were real) I didn't know this was part of depression. For 3 years I sad on my couch and I became a hermit and I was actually wetting my pants (I was in my 50's) thanks to God my Father of my Church encouraged me to go to the Emergency room and they took blood tests and urine tests and the Dr asked me if I heard voices and I said yes. He asked me if I had tried to commit suicide I said yes (I tried numerous times to kill myself including lying on railroad tracks. The Psychiatrist in the ER made me promise to see a Psychiatrist the next day. I went and I am now on many medicines so I don't hear the voices or see the visions anymore. My body gave out from helping people in need. My uneployment ran out last year and I have learned to do without. I only hope my story will help someone so they will get the help they need sooner than I did. Thank you for reading my story. sue

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