Dezign with a Z wall decals

A room theme and wall decor idea for a fickle kid

My 4yo, Gracie, changes her mind about her “favorite thing in the world” on a weekly basis. One week it’s all about Dora. The next, Disney Princesses. The next, Olivia the Pig.

This has made decorating her room pretty tricky. She had been living with bare walls since March because I was stumped about what to do. I was hesitant to invest in any character-themed decor for her because I know the second I buy princess bedding, she’ll be DONE with princesses.

And I like Disney and Nick Jr. and all, but I just didn’t want to be surrounded by so much of it, all the time, you know?

So I finally convinced Ms. Fickle to go with a very general animal theme. She loves stuffed animals and sleeps with about 23 of them on her bed, so I thought an animal theme might have some staying power.

And it’s turned out to be really cute! Gracie’s nursery had a patchwork-quilt theme to it, so I ran with that and weaved in pretty animal elements.

My mom generously bought her some lovely bedding from PBK, and I found a cute little painting of owls at Home Goods.

But there was this huge, blank, blue wall staring at me. And I didn’t know what to do with it.

I do have a collection of Steiff animals I plan to put on a shelf on one side of that wall. Someday.

But what about the rest of the big, barren wall?

Happily, fate intervened when I got an email from Dezign with a Z, which sells removable wall decals. Would I want to try out one of their decals and review it, they asked?

Yes! Perfect! Hooray!

So after perusing the site for a while, I picked this lovely tree decal. I decided to put it in the left corner of the room, over Gracie’s reading chair. Like a little tree of knowledge. Awwwww.

Putting up the decal was easy-peasy. I followed the simple directions and ta-da! Pretty wall decal, done.

The instructions said to rub the decal firmly onto the sticky white paper and then again firmly onto the wall, and I did have to put some muscle into it when a couple of leaves didn’t quite stick. But no big deal. It worked. And it’s beautiful – and removable, for when Gracie decides she’s too old for sweet little animals (sob!).

When Gracie walked into her room that afternoon, she stared with big eyes at the tree and said: “Woooooooow. Mommy, that’s the prettiest tree I’ve ever seen.”

Mission accomplished.

Now if I could just find the time and motivation to find and hang a darn shelf on the wall for the Steiff animals. Hopefully I’ll get around to it before Gracie turns 15.

Are you having problems decorating for a fickle kid? Would an animal theme work for your child – or is it all cartoon characters, all the way?

Thanks to Dezign with a Z for sending me a free wall decal to try out and review. Check out their selection of beautiful and fun wall decals at DezignWithaZ.comI always give my honest opinion on my reviews. See my disclosure policy here.

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