Find Me If You Can personalized book

Give your kids the gift of reading. And yourself the gift of silence.

Kids love to look at pictures of themselves. Because kids are narcissists. In a (usually) cute way, so we don’t call it “narcissism,” we call it “being a kid.”

But still. They are awfully interested in looking at themselves, aren’t they?

Case in point: My girls are always clamoring to look at themselves on my iPhone.

“That’s ME as a baby! That’s ME when I was turned two! That’s ME covered in paint!”

They can do this for a good long time. Scroll through pictures, fight over who the cute baby is, scroll again, fight over who gets to hold the phone now, scroll again.

Fight. Scroll. Fight. Scroll.

The fighting part doesn’t work for me. It interrupts my Facebooking time housecleaning and laundry duties. And besides, I don’t love my kids’ grubby, dropsy little paws on my precious technology.

Happily, I have discovered a solution that has thrilled everyone. And no, it wasn’t to buy another iPhone, smarty-pants.

It’s this fun book called “Find Me If You Can” – which is a Where’s Waldo-style book starring your kid’s favorite person – themself!

Check it out. This is a 2-page spread from the book (see more on the book’s website). Your kid’s face would be on each of these pages. The book has 30 pages. Which means a lot of quiet searching for your little munchkin. And a lot of golden silence for you.

Annie and Gracie love their books. They can spend an entire “rest time” – an hour of quiet play in their rooms after lunch – looking for their little faces. Yes, it’s quiet time for mom. But it’s also a great way for your kiddo to build concentration and memory skills.

Check out “Find Me If You Can” to learn more!

Thank you to Find Me If You Can for providing my daughters with their own personalized books! I always give my honest opinion on my reviews. See my disclosure policy here.

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