How to help and support a depressed friend: do’s, don’ts, & resources

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When you have a friend you think – or know – is depressed, it can be hard to know what to do and how to help. I’ve been the depressed one (obviously), but I’ve also been on the other side. Here are my tips on how to help and support a friend you think may […]

The Truth I’d Rather Not Admit: PPD and me

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It was raining harder than I anticipated it would, as I walked an hour to my psychiatrist appointment. I had an umbrella that barely did any good, but I didn’t care. It was a welcomed break. An hour to myself, without any cooing or crying, diapering or playing. Good or bad, I wanted nothing to […]

Here is the face of a mom with depression.

regular, normal women and moms deal with depression

Does this graphic surprise you? Are you shocked that women and moms with depression can look so normal – like the lady who lives next door or the woman you work with? Or maybe you’re looking at the faces above and thinking, Wow – I had no idea that women like me are cursed with […]

You don’t have to be loud to be heard.

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Hi, reader. I know you’re there, taking in my words. Even if you never comment. Even if you never tell anyone that you read Honest Mom. Or that you’ve been going to therapy or on antidepressants for years. I know what I write is reaching you. And I want you to know something. It’s okay […]

It’s been five years of battling depression. And I’m really, really Tired.

five years of battling depression

A few weeks after Grace was born in 2008, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. And now, five years later, I’m still dealing with its effects. Five years. I no longer have a baby, but I’m still dealing with the aftermath of an illness that I thought I would have kicked to the curb by […]

I’m still looking for the joy.

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I’ve been kind of quiet lately. Maybe you’ve noticed. It’s because I’ve been feeling down again. Exhausted. Sad. Irritable. Frustrated. But I just haven’t really felt like talking about it. Or writing about it. So I’ve been quiet. I’ve been really open about my battle with depression since I started Honest Mom. But sometimes even […]

Why I’m in Vogue magazine this month – and hoping no one in my family reads it

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Could it be? Has Vogue magazine recognized the trend of “mommy chic”? Have regular, everyday moms finally graced the pages of the biggest fashion publication in the world? Because really, that’s the only reason I could have seen me appearing in Vogue. But there I am. In the July 2013 issue. However, as you may […]