Are you going to achieve your goals this year? Or will you give up?

how to achieve your goals for the year

how to achieve your goals for the year

For someone who says she doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, I sure do make a lot of them.

Two years ago, I resolved to do what it takes to be happy – easier said than done for me. Last year, I made a belated resolution to choose to think kindly of others. I’m still working on the “be happy” resolution, but making an active decision to think the best of people has been going pretty well – and feels pretty good, too.

This year I’ve decided that I’m not making “resolutions” as much as I’m making “goals” for the year. Goals sound more like things I can list out and cross off – a favorite hobby of mine. And I was thinking about how writing my past resolutions on my blog really held me accountable to them. Announcing resolutions to the world shames you into achieving them, I think. And don’t we all need a little more shaming in our lives? No? Okay then, maybe it’s … accountability that we need.

So I was thinking – What if I listed out my goals here, and you told me one or more of yours in the comments? By telling the world about your goals (well, the world of Honest Mom), maybe you’ll feel more bound to them. Then next week when you think, “Eh, maybe I could just play on Facebook tonight instead of writing a chapter of my book / going to the gym / starting to organize the basement,” you’ll think instead, “CRAP! I proclaimed my goals to the interwebz and I’ll feel dumb if I don’t work on them!”

See? Shaming! It works!

Of course, there’s a huge chance that no one will write anything in the comments and I’ll feel really dumb for proposing this. Lord knows Facebook isn’t helping matters by showing my posts to 400 of my 11,300 fans (which is why you should subscribe to Honest Mom blog posts, hint, hint). But those of you who do see this, I’d love if you’d tell me one or more of your goals. Early next month we can check in with each other in another blog post. Sound good?

Okay, here goes. My goals for 2015 include:

1. Start a new weekly series on Honest Mom that features you guys. I’ve asked before, and many of you said that you want to share your stories of parenting and mental health. Soon I’ll be officially asking for your essay submissions, with the goal of publishing one story each week!

2. Combine my copywriting career and my social media skills. I did one social media management project last year, and just found out that I landed another one that involves blogging, too! Wahoo! Also, this goal includes making Honest Mom part of my job and devoting work time to it, and not just trying to fit the blog in wherever and whenever I can.

3. Clean and organize my home office. It’s scary in here. Help! I’m being overtaken by disorganization!

4. Choose to be more patient and present with my kids. This will obviously be a continuous and ongoing goal, like last year’s. I already failed at this goal this morning. Sigh.

5. Exercise once a week. I know this sounds like so little, but I do almost nothing right now. I need to practice what I preach and eat well, sleep more, and exercise.

So there you go. My goals. Feel free to badger me about them. It’ll keep me honest.

Please tell me in the comments about one or more of your goals. What are you hoping to achieve this year? Let’s hold each other accountable so we don’t give up!

PS – Did you know that I have a private Facebook group for moms? It’s for parenting and mental health support. It’s not a place for serious therapy, but it IS a place for advice, commiseration, laughs, and kindness.

If you’re interested in joining, friend me and then message me, and I will add you. (We have to be FB friends for me to add you to a secret group. You can unfriend me after you’re in the group if you want. I totally understand if you like only having FB friends you know in real life, and won’t be offended at all!)

Sometimes your brain betrays you and just stops working right.

Forgive me if this post is a little jumbled. I am typing it out on my iPhone because looking at my computer for too long hurts my head. But I feel the need to write. So here goes.

Last time I wrote about how I thought my antidepressants were messing with my head. And they sure may have been. But it turns out something else is going on in this brain of mine.

Last week I suddenly started feeling even more out of it. My balance was off. I couldn’t think straight. I basically felt drunk all the time, and like I was wearing way-too-strong prescription glasses. I got really nauseous. I had migraines and when I didn’t, there was so much pressure in base of my head I felt like someone was squeezing it. By Friday I wasn’t functioning much at all.

On Saturday an urgent care doc diagnosed me with vertigo. Okay, I thought. This sucks, but at least I know what’s going on. I went home with instructions to take meclazine, sudafed, anti-nausea pills, and a directive to rest. I’d be better soon, the doc assured me.

By Tuesday nothing had changed, and with BlogU approaching, I was starting to panic. I needed to feel better. STAT. So I ended up meeting with an ear, nose, and throat doc, who said, Nope – you don’t have vertigo. At all. I think this is neurological and you need a specialist.

A couple hours later my doc calls me and tells me I need a CAT scan right away “to rule out anything urgent.”

And that’s when my heart really started to sink. I have something called a chiari malformation (CM). Basically, part of my brain is too big for my skull and sticks out the base of my skull a little. It’s never been an issue. But all these symptoms point to it acting up – perhaps putting pressure on my spine. If it is the CM, and I don’t get better, it means brain surgery.

Brain surgery, people. Someone cutting open my head and releasing pressure at the base of my skull. Maybe sawing off some bone. Not exactly how I was planning my summer, you know? I always knew it was a possibility but I’ve been fine for so long. I never worried about it. Until now.

The CAT scan ruled out scary stuff like a stroke or tumor, thank God. But now I’m in limbo until I get an MRI next week and meet with my neurologist.

My doc cleared me to travel, and my friend who is a doctor agreed. Hubs is reluctantly letting me get on a plane. So I’m still going to BlogU. I won’t really be myself, and I’ll be armed with lots of drugs to keep the pain/discomfort and nausea down. But I’d rather being laughing with friends and even napping in a dorm room when I’m too tired, than sitting home worrying about what could be wrong. Is it the CM? Is it something else? What the what is wrong with me???

So if you’re going to BlogU, I’ll be there. I won’t be 100%. But I’ll be there. And if you’re the praying type or believe in some sort of healing higher power, I’d appreciate your thoughts.

I’d love to just wake up and feel better. Maybe this is some bizarro virus and I will. Here’s hoping! But until then, I’ll be the slow-moving lady who may just smile and nod a lot since I can’t follow conversations all the time. Just smile and nod back, okay? 🙂

I can’t wait to meet all you BlogU people and #getschooled together!


photo credit: Giovanni ‘jjjohn’ Orlando via photopin cc