Psst. I am now writing naked.

This is scary.

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.

After spending a year and a half on my old blog, working hard on it, gaining Twitter followers, making Facebook friends … I’m leaving it all and starting from scratch.


Because though I love my old blog, too many people I know in real life knew about it.
And that fact held me back. It edited me. It stifled my creativity.

Too many people were coming up to me and commenting on what I wrote. And you may be thinking – well, DUH. Isn’t that what you wanted – people reading your blog and talking about it?

I thought so. But as it turned out – not so much. At least not some people.

I am fine if my friends know about my issues with my kids’ sleeping and behavior. My discomfort with my body. My dad’s untimely death. My questions about religion. Funny things my kids say and regrettable things I do. I love sharing and hearing other peoples’ stories. It’s why I love blogging.

But when friends of friends comment to me about my posts? Or worse, people I don’t really like? Or even worse worse, when people comment to my intensely private husband about my posts and made him squirm uncomfortably?

I just wasn’t ok with it.

I felt awful about making Hubs uncomfortable. And I worried that my writing would negatively affect my kids’ lives. What if Anne’s friend’s mom didn’t like what I wrote and wouldn’t let my kid play with her kid?

And I felt censored. I wanted to join Write on Edge and write memoir posts. I wanted to write about how I may seem “cute” and “normal” but how I struggle with bouts of depression and how I handle it. And I wanted to write about the sweet, funny, adorable things my kids do or my husband does – without embarrassing any of them.

It was time for a change. It was time to strip down. It was time to be naked.

“Dare to be naked before your readers. Because that is writing, and everything else is worthless crap.” *


So here I am.

I am Honest Mom, and this is my new blog.

Join me, won’t you?

It’s gonna be an adventure worth taking.

*From Billy Coffey’s blog, which I discovered through this blog.