I write about dealing with depression on Honest Mom because is simply not talked about enough. And it needs to be.

My ultimate goal is to help lift the stigma of depression through my writing while helping other moms to feel less alone in their battles with the chronic illness.

I have had three occurrences of depression in my life. My third recurrence started five years ago with postpartum depression and it’s never quite gone away. New symptoms pop up, go into remission, manifest as something new. I have good weeks and months and terrible weeks and months. The nature of the beast I deal with is that I never know when I will start feeling better or worse. Happily, right now I’m doing really well.

By writing about my struggles I hope to connect with those of you in the same boat: Moms who are battling the depression, anxiety, irritability, and sadness that creeps in, often inexplicably. Moms who wonder every day, why, when life seems fine – even great – why, why do I feel this way?

Know that if you ask yourself this question, you are not alone. And I hope reading my blog posts will encourage you to share your story so we can keep chipping away at the stigma of depression.

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