Good things are happening ’round here…

Sometimes good things happen. Really good things. And happily, the last two weeks have been full of them for Honest Mom. So much so, you may have missed some of it. So here’s a little wrap-up of the latest events to catch you up…

I was interviewed for a Parenting Magazine article on parents and depression that hit the stands on 2/15. You can read it online or check it out in the March issue. Lots of you jumped in on the Facebook conversation about the article when some ignorant people shot off their mouths – rock on, ladies.

I was thrilled to be a part of the article, but what’s interesting is this: When I was interviewed for it I was not on SSRIs, but I am back on them now. It’s kind of odd, looking back on when I was interviewed for the article. I was so hopeful I was done with my bout of depression and that I could handle everyday parental stress on my own. But here I am, back on meds. But that’s okay. I’m feeling good. And that’s what counts.

Also, I don’t agree with all of what the article says (like the doc who said we’re using meds to deal with the emotional roller coaster of parenthood – I think that’s a big generalization) or how it ends with me sounding like I went off SSRIs because of something my daughter said (I didn’t go off meds because my daughter said that). But hey – the article is good, and it’s raising awareness about depression, which is something I’m happy to be a part of.

You may have seen my post on Scary Mommy called “Rage: The Scariest Symptom of PPD.” It got a huge response from so many moms who were relieved to hear they were not alone. And many moms decided to get help after reading what I wrote. I can’t think of anything better than helping moms like that. It was a really emotional day.

50 Ways to Be Positive is a new, free eBook that I am featured in, along with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers you may know. It was put together by the fabulous Anna from My Life and Kids and is a great read – check it out!

And lastly, I got some really exciting news: I’m going to be in a book! I wrote an original essay that was selected for a humor anthology that is coming out this summer. When I get the all-clear to talk more about it, I will. But trust me, it’s gonna be awesome. And I’m tickled to be a part of it!

So that’s the scoop. Lots going on. All of it good. Yay!

Thank you for being an Honest Mom reader. I am touched by all your comments, emails, and Facebook messages, and I’m thrilled that we’re creating a little safe space for moms to vent, support each other, and laugh.

And for those of you who have kids off from school this week like I do – good luck. It’s gonna be a looooong week here, I can feel it.  😉


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (a new linkup)

I get it. I may be overwhelming some of you with my BlogHer talk here, on Twitter, and on Facebook. I am sorry. Really, I am.


{Deep breath.}

I understand that all this conference talk is insanely boring for people who are not attending. But I do want to connect with those of you who are going to BlogHer.

So, let’s make us all happy with a post for everyone!

Without further ado, I present a new linkup:

Get to Know the Blogger!






Get to Know the Blogger!

Whether or not you’re going to BlogHer, these facts will help you decide whether I am generally someone you want to hang out with or someone you want to keep a safe distance from.

Here we go!

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I am an only child. I grew up being treated like a little adult in many ways. Sometimes this was good, sometimes this was bad. One good thing: I grew up going out to nice restaurants and learned to appreciate good food at a young age. If I had unlimited budget and calories didn’t count, I’d go out to dinner to top restaurants at least 2x a week!

2. I looooove to dance. Though I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything, I do miss the days of being young and single and going out dancing at clubs. Not to techno music, mind you – to hip hop and other fun music that you sing along with. “Call Me Maybe” would be a fave of mine 10 years ago. (Ok, I admit. It’s a fave now, too.) I also danced tap, jazz, ballet, and more from age 5 to age 21.

3. I joke about my love of Wine O’Clock, but I actually like beer a lot, too. And I usually drink beer instead of wine at parties because I am a lightweight and get tipsy quickly. Beer lasts longer!

4. I am not shy. At all. I usually have a big smile on my face and I love meeting new people. My husband doesn’t understand why I like meeting new people so much. I just do. But until high school, I was much more reserved and hesitant.

5.  I used to be a big old hippie crunchy girl. I still wear Birkenstocks.

6. I am only 5 feet tall. I almost always wear heels. Unless I am wearing my Birks.

7. I am a bit of a geek. I love gadgets and technology. And I love Star Trek, Star Wars, and other sci-fi stuff. Not like hardcore, convention-going kind of love, but I am definitely a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan. And the 2009 Star Trek movie is one of my top 5 faves. Yes, really.

So that’s me. A short little hippy, geeky, beer-drinking, food loving, outgoing, dancing fool of a blogger.

Bloggers – write a post and link up!

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