Round up: Easy, quick appetizers and snacks for holidays, book clubs, and more

7 easy and quick appetizers and snacks

7 easy and quick appetizers and snacksWhen I’m having people over, the last thing I think about are the appetizers. Whether it’s for the holidays, for book club, or for a last-minute get together, I get lazy with the apps. My standbys: cheese, crackers, grapes, store-bought dip and chips, and heat-and-serve apps from Wegmans. That’s what I resort to because I’m either totally focused on the main course, or I’m cleaning the house like crazy because dust bunnies EVERYWHERE.

But sometimes, even I want to try something new. So last time I hosted book club, I attempted to get a little more creative. I found a bunch of easy apps on Pinterest, and also made an onion jam pizza recipe (below) that I got from my friends at Moms Who Need Wine. They provided the book we read – The Missing Something Club – some delicious wine, and some appetizer recipes.

Needless to say, the new appetizers were a hit, and it wasn’t that much more effort on my part. So don’t be boring at your next party or book club. Try these appetizer ideas – there are both savory and sweet options. I bet they’ll make your night a little more tasty and interesting.

Quick and easy appetizer ideas

I know I’m advocating trying something new, but along with whatever newfangled recipes I attempt, I always set out some mixed, marinated olives, a variety of cheese and crackers, some grapes, and some mixed nuts. Old habits die hard. And really, who doesn’t like cheese? Bring on the brie! And the blue. And the manchego, and the cheddar, and the gouda…wait, what was I saying? Right. New recipes. Here you go…

Parmesan baked edamame
Parmesan-baked edamame from Spoon University


crack dip
“Crack dip” from Plain Chicken


Caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle
Caprese skewers with balsamic drizzle from Iowa Girl Eats


Roasted garlic onion game pizza
Roasted garlic onion jam pizza from Stonewall Kitchen


Pumpkin chocolate chip bars
My own pumpkin chocolate chip bars


Cheesecake dip
Cheesecake dip from Craftaholics Anonymous


Easy Pretzel Turtles
Easy pretzel turtles from The Gunny Sack