You Know it’s Spring in Suburbia When…

Ways you know it's Spring in the suburbs 800x600

Up here in Massachusetts the calendar says Yippie, Spring! But the temperature says, Put on your winter boots because snow is headed your way, sucker. I’m not kidding. It snowed today, even though I optimistically wore my clogs. I don’t care. I REFUSE to wear a winter coat anymore, even if it means wearing so […]

How NOT to get that perfect holiday photo for your cards

I have had many, many Christmas card photo session fails. One year, I thought I would be proactive and try to get a picture of the girls during the fall. And this is about how well it went down… 1. Decide THIS is the year! The year you will finally create a beautiful, artsy, unique […]

Saying goodbye to daycare – and a huge part of childhood

saying goodbye to daycare

Eyes fixated on the road, I contemplated the fact that I had just carried my tiny baby into a unfamiliar building and handed her over to strangers. I had left her there, sleeping, unaware that her mama was leaving her. I had wanted to wake her up but I knew it wasn’t wise. Better to […]

Bikinis for Little Girls: Yay or Nay?

should young girls wear bikinis

I’ve seen some cringe-worthy stuff at the beach this year. Old men in too-tight swim trunks. Teenagers engaged in very obvious, very sweaty PDA. And then there’s the remnants of a long summer’s day in a odorous public beach bathroom. I’ll give you time to shudder at that last one. I think the old men […]

In defense of my nightly glass of wine

wine o'clock

So there are 22 days until school starts here. Not that I’m counting, of course. And I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to make it. Honestly, I have loved having Annie home this summer. On the verge of 2nd grade, she’s at a lovely age. She’s still a little kid who loves to cuddle with […]

Summer Reading and $125 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!


You guys, I’ve banded together with 20+ bloggers for a super fun, super big summer giveaway. It’s easy to enter – so please do – because I’d loooooove it if a deserving Honest Mom fan won! Picture yourself poolside, or lounging on the beach. It’s nice, right? But it could be better. What you need […]

Why I’m in Vogue magazine this month – and hoping no one in my family reads it

JD Bailey Honest Mom Vogue

Could it be? Has Vogue magazine recognized the trend of “mommy chic”? Have regular, everyday moms finally graced the pages of the biggest fashion publication in the world? Because really, that’s the only reason I could have seen me appearing in Vogue. But there I am. In the July 2013 issue. However, as you may […]

Why I’ve been feeling like a hypocrite about depression

depression and medication fears

The thing about depression for me is this: I’m always aware that even when I’m feeling good for a while, there will be a time when I will feel terrible again. And I never know when that time will be. Depression can blindside me and suddenly pull me down into a bad place. Or it […]