Blog Tip Friday : The Importance of Knowing Why You Blog

Welcome to a new feature on Honest Mom: Blog Tip Friday, where you’ll get writing and tech tips┬áto up your blogging mojo and maximize your blog’s success!

I hope to do this every Friday, and I’d love to hear what YOU want to learn about!

Without further ado … let’s jump in.

Blog Tip #1 : Know Why You Blog

One of the biggest questions I hear from bloggers is this:

How can I grow my blog?

This is a HUGE question and I know you’d love a simple answer.

But, um, sorry … there isn’t one.

However – that’s because there are many strategies you can use to grow your blog: Social media. SEO. Blog design. Writing style. Networking. And much, much more (all which this series will delve into!)

But before we launch into any of those specifics, we need to start at square one:

If you want people to read your blog, you have to write something people want to read.

And in order to do that, you need to know why you are blogging and what you want to get out of it.

It took me four months of blogging at Honest Mom to truly figure this out. And when I did, I came up with a mission statement of sorts:

I want Honest Mom to feature candid writing on raising little girls and dealing with depression, plus a good dose of lighthearted parenting humor. I hope to help other moms realize they are not alone in their struggles and to give them a little giggle once in a while, too.

That’s why I blog. It is both therapeutic and fun for me, yes – but I also blog in large part to help other people, as cheesy as that may sound.

And once I figured all that out – and kept my writing focused on those main topics – the readers started rolling in.

I know people come to my blog to read about managing depression and parenting, and for humor, too. I can tell from the comments and emails, from my blog stats, and from social media.

My stats have all gone up tremendously in the past six months and I’ve got some exciting stuff brewing in the next few months. I’m working with PR firms and getting to do some fun reviews. And I’m actually making some money off my blog (not a main goal for me, but nice, for sure).

So … yeah, things are going in the right direction!

Sure, I have been working the social media angle. I now know my way around WordPress and utilize some awesome plugins and widgets. I network with other bloggers and we support each other. And it helps that in real life, I’m a copywriter – so I know how to write for online reading and I know a good bit about SEO.

But none of those things would matter if I didn’t know why I blogged and if I didn’t write about what I cared about.

So why do you blog? Why would someone read your blog?

You need to know the answers to these questions. And until you do, your blog can’t truly be successful. And it’s not gonna grow. Period.

So let’s hear it: Why do you blog and why would someone read your blog? And don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to see in upcoming Blog Tip Friday posts!

Coming up next time: I’ll talk about finding your unique angle for your blog. And then after that, we’ll get into some of the nitty gritty: the writing on and the for look of your blog, and oodles of tech tips!

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