You bake, they donate: Help me raise money for breast cancer research

Bake It Happen - pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Honest mamas! How are you? Today I have a special post for you that involves two things dear to my heart: food and advocacy. Specifically pumpkin-flavored food because I LOVE PUMPKIN, as you may know from my fave pumpkin recipes post.

Now hold on, pumpkin haters! Don’t leave! There’s stuff for you too! I promise. Just read on…

Today I baked delicious pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my kiddos — not just because they, too, have the pumpkin-loving gene — but because by baking these cookies and sharing them on social media, I’m raising money for metastatic breast cancer research with Bake It Happen.

Bake It Happen - pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
tbh these are too pretty to be the cookies I baked

First: What is metastatic breast cancer? MBC is stage 4 cancer, which is when breast cancer spreads outside the breast to other parts of the body. As of January 2017 there are nearly 155,000 women living with MBC in the United States alone, and about 25 percent of them were diagnosed at stage 4 from the beginning; the other 75 percent progressed to stage 4 from an initial earlier diagnosis. 30% of those diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will eventually be re-diagnosed with MBC.

MBC is currently incurable and the average prognosis is 2-3 years. That’s it. If you are told you have MBC, you know you will die from it. And think about this: MBC is responsible for the deaths of nearly everyone who dies from breast cancer. So why aren’t we focusing on research that cures MBC?

MBC research is drastically underfunded — the huge majority of breast cancer research funds go to prevention, early detection, and early-stage cures, and not curing MBC patients. I know people dying from MBC right now, and that’s why I’m passionate about helping raise money for its research.

So here’s where the baked goods come in.

Bake It Happen cookies
so mine aren’t totally Pinterest-pretty, but they’re DELICIOUS

During the month of October, if you bake one of Bake It Happen’s recipes and share a pic of your deliciousness on Facebook and/or Instagram, Bake It Happen donates $5 for each pic you share to The Cancer Couch Foundation, founded by Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera. Rebecca has raised over $500K in just 6 months — and all while she has gone through 11 surgeries, chemo, etc., from her own Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.

100% of the money TCCF raises goes to MBC research AND every institution they fund commits to matching donated funds, dollar for dollar.

Bake and share — that’s it! By just spending the money on some baking ingredients and posting on social media, you’re donating to MBC research and filling your kids’ bellies with yumminess!

And don’t worry, pumpkin haters: You can choose from banana bread, “compost” cookies, black-bottom cupcakes, or the cookies I made. YUM. They’re all original recipes by Judy Levin, whom Bake It Happen was founded in honor of.

#BakeItHappen recipes
those cupcakes are next on my list

Be sure to tag @ubakeithappen on Facebook and @bakeithappen00 on Instagram, and use the hashtag #bakeithappen so the Bake It Happen people can count your shares! If you’re not on social media, just email your pic to

If giving to cancer research is a priority for you, or you just don’t want to bake, you can give directly to Bake It Happen or The Cancer Couch Foundation. TCCF is currently funding research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Read about the research they do with TCCF funds — it’s pretty amazing!

Now go forth and bake, my friends. Let’s help metastatic breast cancer research get the money it deserves.