In defense of my nightly glass of wine

wine o'clock So there are 22 days until school starts here.┬áNot that I’m counting, of course. And I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to make it.

Honestly, I have loved having Annie home this summer. On the verge of 2nd grade, she’s at a lovely age. She’s still a little kid who loves to cuddle with her mama. But she also has a longer attention span and actually likes shopping with me. Score!

And Grace is adorable at 4.5 years old. Funny, enjoys crafts, also loves snuggling with mama. Full of love and goofiness.

But put them together? And these kids are fighting all. the. time.

I am constantly refereeing their ridiculous bickering and trying to get Grace to stop crying for JUST FIVE MINUTES.

“She splashed me in the pool! She punched me too hard when she saw a Punch Bug! She is yelling at me! NO I’M NOT!!! YES YOU ARE!!!!!!”

It’s all day. Every day. And it’s because we’ve hit that point of summer where Annie being home is no longer a fun novelty for Grace. She wants Annie to go back to school and wants Mama all to herself again.

And Annie is honest to God sick of her little sister’s crying and tantrums. Plus she wants Mama all to herself too, while she’s not at school five days a week.

Which leads to … you guessed it … little girls hanging all over me. You know, when they’re not fighting.


So, when we are home and 5pm rolls around, you better believe I pour a nice glass of wine and sit down for five minutes to enjoy it while that peppy little British pig, Peppa, entertains my girls.

And then I happily nurse that glass of wine while I cook dinner and clean dishes and mediate pint-sized protests for the rest of the evening.

I am all done at 5pm. Actually, I’m all done at 3:30pm lately. Because, THE FIGHTING.

And yes, that glass of wine helps me make it through some of the rough nights.

I don’t neeeeeeeed a glass of wine to relax. I can get through a night perfectly fine without it.

But one glass of a rich Cabernet Sauvignon or a buttery Chardonnay sure does make the “witching hour(s)” a lot more manageable.

My glass of wine mellows me out. It helps me relax. And on the toughest nights? Yes, it enables me to be more patient when my kids are at their worst.

Does that make me an alcoholic? Am I dependent upon a substance to get through the night? Can I go without wine and not throttle my kids?

No, no, and yes.

Sure, I can get through a night without a glass of wine. I can also get through a summer without buying any new clothes. And I can certainly make my way through a month without going to Starbucks once.

But new clothes and Starbucks are perks that make life more enjoyable. And that’s how I think of my glass of wine: a┬álovely, delicious perk that makes me feel good.

Is this dependence?

What do you think? Do you have a glass of wine (or a beer, or whatever alcoholic drink) each night?