Blog Tip Friday: Your unique angle & a must-have plugin


Welcome to the second edition of Blog Tip Friday on Honest Mom! I write these posts to give you writing and tech tips so you can up your blogging mojo and maximize your blog’s success.

Last time I gave you blog tip #1: the importance of knowing why you blog. This time, let’s talk about your unique angle – plus a plug-in that every blogger should have.

Blog tip #2 : Know what makes your blog unique

When I first started blogging, I got discouraged and thought that it would be impossible to make my blog stand out from all the others.

There are SO MANY mom blogs out there. Why would anyone read mine?

I realized that the answer to my question could be found in my copywriting background: I needed to find a unique angle for my blog.

In the advertising/marketing world that I live in, we call this a USP, or unique selling proposition. The theory is that your product (or in this case, your blog) doesn’t have to be completely and totally different than every other product in its space.

Your product just needs one thing about it that is unique – and will appeal to a certain segment of your intended audience.

So by this thinking, your blog needs just one thing that will appeal to a certain group of moms. There are so many mom blog readers out there, and you don’t have to appeal to every single one!

What’s my unique angle for Honest Mom? It’s my complete candidness about my battle with depression. I know that there are very few moms out there who consistently write about managing their depression. I know that writing about it is a unique way I can help others. And I know that in the end, my depression posts are what draw the majority of people to my blog.

Sure, people also read my humor and parenting posts. Some come mostly for them. And I like writing those posts, too – they give some good variety to my blog.

But my USP is and always will be my honest writing about managing depression as a mom.

So what makes you unique? Is is a certain topic you write about? A style you use when writing? The look and feel of your blog?

As you ponder, don’t be discouraged if you initially think that nothing about your blog is different than any other blog. It might not be evident to you yet.

I didn’t know what made my blog unique for months. But as I saw women’s heartfelt reactions to my depression posts, it dawned on me.

I’ll give you a few other examples. When I think about the blogs I regularly read, they all focus on the same things – moms and parenting. But each one is just a little different.

Anna from My Life and Kids writes short, snappy, funny posts, and her sponsored posts are probably the best I have ever read. She’s a storyteller, and a damn good one.

Paige at There’s More Where that Came From is a humor blogger and writes like no one else I read. She is so witty and has a style all her own.

Kathy at Kissing the Frog writes beautiful and heartfelt posts that can make me cry or laugh. Or both – in one post.

These are just three of the many blogs that I love. They’re all mom blogs – but they all have something special about them.

So think about what makes you unique. You definitely have something because each of us is different. Find your blogging niche and write great posts, and the right readers will keep coming back.

Blog tip #3 : A plugin you need: Comment Reply Notification

I love getting comments. That feeling of, Oh my God, someone read my writing and feels moved to comment! is amazing. Blogger crack, really.

And I love to reply to my commenters, too. I want them to know I’m reading their comments, and that I appreciate them. Time hasn’t been on my side lately, so I can’t reply to everything, but when I do? I want people to know I did so they can reply back and keep the conversation going if they want to.

And that, my friends, is what Comment Reply Notification does. It notifies a commenter that someone replied to their comment – whether that reply came from you or another reader.

Here’s what the plugin looks like:

When you reply to a comment, the original commenter can be automatically notified (the setting I chose above). The plugin also lets you customize your automated subject line and message. It’s simple and perfect.

Just search for “Comment Reply Notification” in plugins, and you’ll find it!

So … tell me in the comments … what’s your USP? And what plugins do you love?


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