Here are the candy conversation hearts that moms want

Candy conversation hearts for moms

Hello moms, and happy Valentine’s Day! Does your house look like Cupid threw up all over it? I can’t even see the table in our sunroom. It’s a sea of heart stickers, heart pencils, valentine-themed erasers, pink paper, white doilies, and all sorts of sticky sweet sentiments. This year I stood my ground and banned the glitter. As we all know, that crap is the herpes of the craft world and mama ain’t got time for de-sparkling her house. I swear I’m still finding glitter in my hair from last year’s Valentine’s Day craftastrophes.

Given the big V-Day is looming, we’re living on a steady diet of candy conversation hearts around here. Those things are addictive, aren’t they? I’m not even a big candy person, but those little white hearts are delish and I can’t stop won’t stop eating them. I love looking at the little messages on them and seeing how they’ve changed over the years. Pretty sure that TEXT ME and BFF weren’t around in the 80s, right? I bet MY BAE and TURNT UP are next and that’s okay, just as long as they never get rid of LOVE BUG. That’s my fave.

But wouldn’t it be great if we moms had our very own candy conversation hearts? Ones that could deliver a not-so-subtle message to our offspring about what we really want on Valentine’s Day? I pondered this last year and came up with a few conversation hearts for our kids (and our husbands) that I’d like to see some fabulous candy maker create. Sadly, no one’s fulfilled my wishes yet, but I am undeterred! This year I created more sweet sentiments for my dear darling children. Take a look…

18 candy conversation hearts that moms want!

What do you think? Should I get into the candy making business so my snarky candy hearts can brighten the Valentine’s Days of moms everywhere?

If you could write your own conversation hearts for your kids or spouse, what would they say?

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photo credit: “Conversation Hearts” via Deviant Art (license)

If moms had their own Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts…

candy conversations hearts for moms

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in this house. Well, at least for those of us under the age of 9. My girls have been working on valentines for a few weeks now. Which means the play area looks like an arts and crafts bomb went off. Awesome. Glitter4ever, right? More like vacuum and sweep 4ever for me, but that’s a small sacrifice my girls are willing to make.

And now the girls are constantly reminding me that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and they can’t wait to see ALL THE STUFF they’re going to get. Candy, doodads, and trinkets that could fill twenty birthday party goody bags. I’m so psyched! Because we all know how I feel about birthday party goody bags. They’re my favorite. Actually, what’s my favorite is hiding all the crappy crap they get until they forget about it, then unceremoniously tossing it.

I sound like the Valentine’s Day Scrooge, don’t I? I think I’d be more excited about it if a genius marketer out there would make some candy especially for moms like me. I mean, if Hubs comes home with Godiva chocolates for me to devour – er, for us to share – I won’t turn those down. But it would be nice to see some tasty candy made especially for hardworking moms. Candy that really gets at what we want. Candy that would help us drop some not-so-subtle hints to our spouses and offspring.

Maybe something like these candy conversations hearts. I could dole these out to the Hubs with a smile:

Funny candy conversation hearts moms want to give their husbands

And we can’t forget the kiddies!

Funny candy conversation hearts moms want to give their kids

Notice I did sneak in a couple sweet sayings. Because even though my ideal candies would be heavy on the snark, in the end I love the Hubs and my kiddos to pieces.

Now who can make this idea happen for me for Valentine’s Day 2016? Hmmmm?

If you could write your own conversation hearts for your kids or spouse, what would they say?

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